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The SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management

The SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management

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March 2011 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The SAGE Handbook of Complexity and Management is the first substantive scholarly work to provide a map of the state of art research in the growing field emerging at the intersection of complexity science and management studies. Edited and written by internationally respected scholars from management and related disciplines, the Handbook will be the definitive reference source for understanding the implications of complexity science for management research and practice.

Part One: Foundations introduces complexity science and its implications for the foundations of scientific knowledge, including management knowledge.

Part Two: Applications presents the numerous ways in which complexity science models and tools, as well as complexity thinking, are being applied to management and organizational phenomena and the insights gained as a result.

Part Three: Interfaces highlights how complexity science is transforming various non-management fields and, in so doing, creating exciting interfaces for bridging between management and related disciplines.

Peter Allen, Steve Maguire and Bill McKelvey
Key Concepts

Yasmin Merali and Peter Allen
Complexity and Systems Thinking
Raymond-Alain Thietart and Bérnard Forgues
Complexity Science and Organization
Jeffrey Goldstein
Emergence in Complex Systems
Steve Maguire
Constructing and Appreciating Complexity
Michael J. Prietula
Thoughts on Complexity and Computational Models
Epistemological Perspectives and Considerations

Bill McKelvey
A Scientific Realist Epistemology for Complexity Science
David Byrne
Exploring Organizational Effectiveness: The Value of Complex Realism as a Frame of Reference and Systematic Comparison as a Method
Paul Cilliers
Complexity, Post-Structuralism and Organization
Alicia Juarrero
Causality and Explanation
Peter Allen and Jean Boulton
Complexity and Limits to Knowledge: The Importance of Uncertainty
Robert Chia
Complex Thinking: Towards an Oblique Strategy for Dealing with the Complex
Methodological Implications and Tools

Richard Vigden and Larry Bull
Applications of Kauffman's Co-Evolutionary NKCS Model to Management and Organization Studies
William Martin Tracy
Using Genetic Algorithms to Model Strategic Interaction
Donald Maclean and Robert Macintosh
Organizing at the Edge of Chaos: Insights from Action Research
Pierpaolo Andriani and Bill McKelvey
From Skew Distributions to Power-Law Science
Complexity and Organizing

Max Boisot and Bill McKelvey
Complexity and Organization-Environment Relations: Revisiting Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety
James Baldwin
The Complexity of Industrial Ecosystems: Classification and Computational Modelling
Glenda H. Eoyang
Complexity and the Dynamics of Organizational Change
John Shotter and Haridimos Tsoukas
Complex Thought, Simple Talk: An Ecological Approach to Language-Based Change in Organizations
Eve Mitleton-Kelly and Ben Ramalingam
Organizational Learning and Complexity Science: Exploring the Joint Potential
Kurt A. Richardson
Complexity and Management: A Pluralistic View
Complexity and Managing

Russ Marion and Mary Uhl-Bien
Implications of Complexity Science for the Study of Leadership
Barry A. Colbert and Elizabeth C. Kurucz
A Complexity Perspective on Strategic Human Resource Management
Arash Azadegan and Kevin J. Dooley
Complexity and the Rise of Distributed Control in Operations Management
Max Boisot
Knowledge Management and Complexity
Pierpaolo Andriani
Complexity and Innovation
Benyamin B. Lichtenstein
Complexity Science Contributions to the Field of Entrepreneurship
Oliver Baumann and Nicolaj Siggelkow
Complexity and Competitive Advantage
Kathleen M. Eisenhardt and Henning Piezunka
Complexity Theory and Corporate Strategy
James K. Hazy
More than a Metaphor: Complexity and the New Rules of Management
Stephen J. Guastello
Non-Linear Dynamical Systems Applications to Psychology and Management
Ce[ac]sar A. Hidalgo
The Value in Between: Organizations as Adapting and Evolving Networks
Steven Bankes
The Use of Complexity for Policy Exploration
Geoffrey M. Hodgson
Complexity, Habits and Evolution
Paul Ormerod
Economics Management and Complex Systems
Brenda Zimmerman
How Complexity Science Is Transforming Health Care

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