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The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance

The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance

Edited by:

April 2012 | 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The urgent and sustained interest in corporate governance is unprecedented, with the connections between corporate governance and economic performance being emphasized by the World Bank, the

IMF and others in the global economic community.

In this timely and definitive intellectual analysis of a key discipline, The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance offers a critical overview of the key themes, theoretical controversies, current research and emerging concepts that frame the field. Consisting of original substantive chapters by leading international scholars, and examining corporate governance from an inter-disciplinary basis, the text highlights how governance issues are critical to the formation, growth, financing, structural development, and strategic direction of companies and how corporate governance institutions in turn influence the

innovation and development of industrial and economic systems globally.

Comprehensive, authoritative and presented in a highly-accessible framework, this Handbook is a significant resource to those with an interest in understanding this important emerging field.

Sir Adrian Cadbury
Thomas Clarke and Douglas Branson
Introduction: Corporate Governance - An Emerging Discipline?
R.I. (Bob) Tricker
The Evolution of Corporate Governance
Margaret M. Blair
In the Best Interest of the Corporation: Directors Duties in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis
Mark J. Loewenstein
Limited Liability Companies
Joan MacLeod Heminway
Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives
Simon Deakin
The Juridical Nature of the Firm
Michael Useem
The Ascent of Shareholder Monitoring and Strategic Partnering: The Dual Functions of the Corporate Board
Vincent Bignon, Yuri Biondi and Xavier Ragot
An Economic Analysis of Fair Value: A Critique of International Financial Reporting Standards
Hans van Ees and Gerwin van der Laan
Boards and Board Effectiveness
John Roberts
Between the Letter and the Spirit: Defensive and Extensive Modes of Compliance with the UK Code of Corporate Governance
Alessandro Zattoni and Amedeo Pugliese
Boards' Contribution to Strategy and Innovation
Morten Huse and Jonas Gabrielsson
Board Leadership and Value Creation: An Extended Team Production Approach
Annie Pye, Szymon Kaczmarek and Satomi Kimino
Changing Scenes in and around the Boardroom: UK Corporate Governance in Practice from 1989 to 2010
Gavin Nicholson, Geoffrey Kiel and Jennifer Ann Tunny
Board Evaluations: Contemporary Thinking and Practice
Ruth Sealy and Sue Vinnicombe
Women and the Governance of Corporate Boards
Sabina Nielsen
Diversity among Senior Executives and Board Directors
Douglas M. Branson
Global Convergence in Corporate Governance: What a Difference 10 Years Make
Ruth V. Aguilera, Kurt Desender and Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro
A Bundle Perspective to Comparative Corporate Governance
Marie dela Rama
Family-Owned Asian Business Groups and Corporate Governance
Shann Turnbull
The Limitations of Corporate Governance Best Practices
Martin J. Conyon and Simon I. Peck
Executive Compensation, Pay-for-Performance and the Institutions of Executive Pay Setting
William Lazonick
In the Name of Shareholder Value: How Executive Pay and Stock Buybacks are Damaging the US Economy
Ciaran Driver
Governance, Innovation and Finance
John H. Farrar
The Governance and Regulation of Complex Conglomerates
Thomas Clarke
Markets, Regulation and Governance: The Causes of the Global Financial Crisis
Alice Klettner
Corporate Governance and the Financial Crisis: The Regulatory Response
Paul Redmond
International Corporate Responsibility
Suzanne Benn
Governance for Sustainability: Challenges for Theory and Practice

A group of distinguished scholars take up the familiar theme of corporate governance, casting it in the light of a developing and comprehensive complex of corporate, market and concomitant regulating and economic changes that most of the world's industries have experienced since the eighties of the previous century. In this timely handbook, they explore this critical issue with distance and nuance. A broad spectrum of issues is discussed, which cover the main subjects of discussion in academia, such as the need for multiple methodological and multiple theoretical approaches in order to study this domain and is at the same time of practical relevance, because it deals with issues like board evaluation, board effectiveness, innovation, strategy, the need for and developments in regulation and the connection of corporate governance to corporate social responsibility and sustainability. This well-written book puts corporate governance developments explicitly in their economic, global, and legal context and ends with dilemmas policy makers and managers or executives are faced with and finally discusses emerging issues of governance and sustainability
Dr. T.J.B.M. Postma
Associate Prof. In Strategy, University Of Groningen

[The SAGE Handbook of Corporate Governance] is a mine of practical and relevant thinking to be quarried by all with an interest in the governance of corporations. It is monumental in scope, but it looks to the past only as a guide to the future. In essence, the Handbook represents a work in progress. It is a beginning not an end and is the base from which the further development of corporate governance will be chronicled

Sir Adrian Cadbury

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