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The SAGE Handbook of Leadership

The SAGE Handbook of Leadership

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February 2011 | 592 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Leadership pervades every aspect of organizational and social life, and its study has never been more diverse, nor more fertile. With contributions from those who have defined that territory, this volume is not only a key point of reference for researchers, students and practitioners, but also an agenda-setting prospective and retrospective look at the state of leadership in the twenty-first century. It evaluates the domain and stretches it further by considering leadership scholarship from every angle, concluding with an optimistic look at the future of leaders, followers and their place in organizations and society at large.

Each section represents a distinctive slant on leadership:

- Macro perspectives - including strategic leadership, organization theory, charismatic leadership, complexity leadership, and networks.

- Political and philosophical perspectives - including distributed leadership, critical leadership, ethics, the military and cults.

- Psychological perspectives - including personality, leadership style and contingency theories, transformational leadership, exchange relationships, shared leadership, cognition, leadership development, gender, trust, identity and the 'dark side' of leadership.

- Cultural perspectives - including spirituality, aesthetics, and creativity.

- Contemporary and emergent perspectives - followership, historical methods, virtual leadership, emotions, image, celebrity, and the quest for a general theory of leadership

Keith Grint
A History of Leadership
Alan Bryman
Research Methods in the Study of Leadership
Georgia Sorenson, George Goethals and Paige Haber
The Enduring and Elusive Quest for a General Theory of Leadership: Initial Efforts and New Horizons
David V. Day
Leadership Development
Ken W. Parry
Leadership and Organization Theory
Jean-Louis Denis, Veronica Kisfalvi, Ann Langley and Linda Rouleau
Perspectives on Strategic Leadership
Jay A. Conger
Charismatic Leadership
Linda L. Carli and Alice H. Eagly
Gender and Leadership
Martin Kilduff and Prasad Balkundi
A Network Approach to Leader Cognition and Effectiveness
Roderick M. Kramer
Trust and Distrust in the Leadership Process: A Review and Assessment of Theory and Evidence
Mats Alvesson
Leadership and Organizational Culture
Eric Guthey and Brad Jackson
Cross-Cultural Leadership Revisited
David Collinson
Critical Leadership Studies
Raymond Gordon
Leadership and Power
Jean Hartley and John Benington
Political Leadership
Dennis Tourish
Leadership and Cults
Joanne B. Ciulla and Donelson R. Forsyth
Leadership Ethics
Peter Case, Robert French and Peter Simpson
Philosophy of Leadership
Hans Hansen and Ralph Bathurst
Aesthetics and Leadership
John Antonakis
Predictors of Leadership: The Usual Suspects and the Suspect Traits
Gary Yukl
Contingency Theories of Effective Leadership
Héctor R. Diaz-Saenz
Transformational Leadership
Smriti Anand, Jia Hu, Robert C. Liden and Prajya R. Vidyarthi
Leader-Member Exchange: Recent Findings and Prospects for the Future
Annilee M. Game
Leadership and Attachment Theory: Understanding Interpersonal Dynamics in Leader-Follower Relations
Shawn Burke, Deborah DiazGranados and Eduardo Salas
Team Leadership: A Review and Look ahead
Arran Caza and Brad Jackson
Authentic Leadership
Neal M. Ashkanasy and Ronald H. Humphrey
A Multi-level View of Leadership and Emotions: Leading with Emotional Labour
Manfred Kets De Vries and Katharina Balazs
The Shadow Side of Leadership
Yiannis Gabriel
Psychoanalytic Approaches to Leadership
Michael D. Mumford, Isaac C. Robledo and Kimberly S. Hester
Creativity, Innovation and Leadership: Models and Findings
Michelle C. Bligh
Followership and Follower-Centred Approaches
Peter Gronn
Hybrid Configurations of Leadership
Dian Marie Hosking
Moving Relationality: Meditations on a Relational Approach to Leadership
Mary Uhl-Bien and Russ Marion
Complexity Leadership Theory
Mario Fernando
Spirituality and Leadership
Gail T. Fairhurst
Discursive Approaches to Leadership
Amanda Sinclair
Being Leaders: Identities and Identity Work in Leadership
David M. Boje, Alison Pullen, Carl Rhodes and Grace Ann Rosile
The Virtual Leader

"The handbook gives a firm foundation for the subject, making it an excellent overview for individuals studying leadership. Summing Up: Highly recommended."

W. A. Garrett
Troy University

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