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The SAGE Handbook of Social Psychology

The SAGE Handbook of Social Psychology
Concise Student Edition

Edited by:
  • Michael A Hogg - Claremont Graduate University, USA
  • Joel Cooper - Princeton University, USA, The University of Utah, USA, Red Scientific, USA

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Social Psychology (General)

March 2007 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This Volume is everything one would want from a one-volume handbook' - Choice Magazine

In response to market demand, The SAGE Handbook of Social Psychology: Concise Student Edition has been published and represents a slimmer (16 chapters in total), more course focused and student-friendly volume. The editors and authors have also updated all references, provided chapter introductions and summaries and a new Preface outlining the benefits of using the Handbook as an upper level teaching resource. It will prove indispensable reading for all upper level and graduate students studying social psychology.

George Goethals
A Century of Social Psychology
Individuals, Ideas and Investigations

Phoebe C Ellsworth and Richard Gonzales
Questions and Comparisons
Methods of Research in Social Psychology

Steven J Sherman et al
Social Inference and Social Memory
The Interplay between Systems

Kimberly A Quinn et al
Stereotyping and Impression Formation
How Categorical Thinking Shapes Person Perception

Constantine Sedikides and Aiden P Gregg
Portraits of the Self
Russel H Fazio and Michael A Olson
Foundations, Functions and Consequences

Joe P Forgas and Craig A Smith
Affect and Emotion
Ruth Gaunt and Yaccov Trope
Attribution and Person Perception
Penny S Visser and Joel Cooper
Attitude Change
Julie Fitness et al
Interpersonal Attraction and Intimate Relationships
C Daniel Batson et al
Altruism and Helping Behavior
Craig A Anderson and L Rowell Husemann
Human Aggression
A Social-Cognitive View

Kipling D Williams et al
Social Performance
Robin Martin and Miles Hewstone
Social-Influence Processes of Control and Change
Conformity, Obedience to Authority, and Innovation

Michael A Hogg and Dominic Abrams
Intergroup Behaviour and Social Identity
Stephen C Wright and Donald M Taylor
The Social Psychology of Cultural Diversity
Social Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination


'The Sage Handbook of Social Psychology is clearly written and well laid out...Each chapter contains enough infomation to keep the most avid student interested. it is probably best suited for advanced undergraduate modules but that is not to say that a keen first-year student could not benefit from having a look at it. A postgraduate student just starting their research or Masters degreemay also find this book useful in that it may help for some interesting ideas.' -
Catherine Jansson-Boyd
Psychology: Learning and Teaching

The book speaks to application of social psychology principles to human behaviour at several settings

Dr Oluyinka Ojedokun
Pure & Applied Psychology, Adekunle Ajasin University
November 18, 2019

Most of the lecture is in German and hence draws on German textbooks, but I always have Hogg's excellent handbook with me in one of the early sessions and encourage students to adopt it as a supplemental book to study for their exams and if they revisit social psychology later in their studies.

Dr Oliver Lauenstein
Institute of Psychololgy, Otto Friedrich University of Bamberg
March 27, 2015

Current book in use is good

Professor Elisabeth Naima Mikkelsen
Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School
December 16, 2014

Group decision to go with a different text for that course.

Mr Tifany Jones
Education, Westwood College of Technology - Los Angeles
October 28, 2013

This book provides undergraduate students with an accessible, engaging introduction to some of the key questions investigated, and to kinds of methods used, in social psychological research. By reading this resource, students can gain a valuable initial understanding of some of the important and exciting research that is conducted in this field.

Miss Erika Shilling
Lifelong Learning Centre, University of Leeds
September 27, 2012

this text provides general and specific explanations for social phenomena, which supports, in many ways, interactive student learning

Dr Gregory Dern
ncrp, California State University - Dominguez Hills
September 7, 2012

A good supplement to the course reading, clear text and concise

Teresa Johnson
Health, Social Care & Access Dept, Swindon College
September 6, 2012

First thing that one sees in this book are very small letters. This is rather a technical detail, but it makes this book impossible to read on a bus or in public places where the light is not optimal. Making it a few pages thicker and the letters bigger would help. After finding a good place to read one can say only good things about this book. It talks about most important fields of social psychology very competently, but concisely. It gives a bit of a historical view on how the theories and methods were developed in social psychology. Good for junior as well as senior scientists who want to get an overview of a specific area of social psychology. For undergraduates rather not suitable.

Dr Karolina Hansen
Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, Academy of Special Education, Warsaw
July 19, 2012

Good compilation of articles central to social psych. However, I need a main textbook, this is better as a supplement.

Dr LaNina Mompremier
Psychology Dept, Gallaudet University
January 3, 2012

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