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The Sexuality of Organization

The Sexuality of Organization

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November 1989 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This exciting, critical text explores the pervasiveness of sexuality in organizations, and the interrelations of sexuality and power in the ongoing production and reproduction of organizational life.

Clearly and accessibly, the authors show various ways in which the very processes of organization reflect power relations suffused with dominant forms of sexuality. Specific subjects addressed include sexuality and the labour process, sexual harassment, men's sexuality, lesbians in organizations, and the experiences of women managers and secretaries.

Gibson Burrell and Jeff Hearn
The Sexuality of Organization
Albert J Mills
Gender, Sexuality and Organization Theory
Peta Tancred-Sheriff
Gender, Sexuality and the Labour Process
Barbara A Gutek
Sexuality in the Workplace
Key Issues in Social Research and Organizational Practice

Nancy DiTomaso
Sexuality in the Workplace
Discrimination and Harassment

David L Collinson and Margaret Collinson
Sexuality in the Workplace
The Domination of Men's Sexuality

Wendy Parkin
Private Experiences in the Public Domain
Sexuality and Residential Care Organizations

Marny Hall
Private Experiences in the Public Domain
Lesbians in Organizations

Deborah L Sheppard
Organizations, Power and Sexuality
The Image and Self-Image of Women Managers

Rosemary Pringle
Bureaucracy, Rationality and Sexuality
The Case of Secretaries

The Editors
The Sexuality of Organization
A Postcript


`a thought provoking and much needed book' - Network

`offer(s) theoretical insights and richly descriptive case material... a welcome contribution to organizational theory and the conceptualization of sexual difference... the authors do not try to replace one master narrative with another but, rather allow each contribution to speak for itself and engage in dialogue with one another... should find an eager audience among feminist scholars interested in sexuality, organizations and power.' - Journal of the History of Sexuality

`Sexuality has been the blindspot of organization studies. It has been as though the human beings who inhabit and shape organizations - who determine their structures, lay down their rules and live their cultures - leave their desires at home. A book such as this, written from within organization theory by feminist women and pro-feminist men, is an important move. It invites a rethink of all that one-dimensional stuff about power. It reminds us that the sexual regime, as much as unequal jobs and pay, keeps down women at work. And it makes wonderfully clear that a multinational or trade union is no more `sexless' than the bedroom, the pub or the movies.' - Cynthia Cockburn

`Here is a superb collection of essays studying sexuality in organizations - a theme which both commonsense and/or scientism has forced organization theorists to ignore or neglect for far too long. The editors have not only broken the conventional silence but through sound editing practice have produced a coherent and stimulating text.' - David Knights, Manchester School of Management, UMIST

`The book clearly achieves its aim of demonstrating the pervasiveness of sexuality in organizations. I found each of the chapters highly illuminating. Issues of power, domination and the expression of sexuality are clearly outlined in a variety of organizational settings. The book is stimulating and challenges a number of `safe' assumptions about sexuality and gender relations... the authors demonstrate that sexuality is fundamental to organizational life. Therefore as an all-pervasive phenomenon, sexuality cannot be seen as a separate issue of interest, but rather needs to be integrated into mainstream organizational theory... It will be useful to both those readers interested in organizational theory generally and those who wish to dip into particular chapters that are aligned to their research interests. A thorough consideration of the role of sexuality within organizations is a brave, stimulating and crucial addition to the field of organizational theory' - The Occupational Psychologist

`This slim volume provides an excellent introduction to a new and rapidly expanding area of study.' -Sociology

`The book is particularly welcome given the preliminary nature of research in this area.' - Industrial Relations Journal

`Most of the chapters... are interesting and insightful, combining rigorous theory with perspective research.... In identifying the centrality of sexuality to the ways in which organizations function, this book forges connections between organizational theory and theorizations of sexuality which are not made in existing literature. It thus begins to break new ground' - Cultural Studies

`An international network of authors has put together a critical and coherent feminist/pro-feminist reader' - Contemporary Sociology

`This book provides valuable insights into hidden sexual dynamics in the workplace.' - Administration in Social Work

`this book bravely goes where few have gone before. I found this a challenging book with ideas both familiar and new. What stood out for me was the articles written by women were far more accessible than the ones written by a group or men.... This book is an important read in the area and I do strongly recommend it. One of the difficulties we have as women in organisations is unpicking the complex nature of a territory set up by male concepts and principles. While we are working in such territory it is hard to take a step back and analyse what is going on, for we are too busy attempting to survive and succeed. This book gives us some clues and gives us a chance to review some of our strategies.' - Women in Organisations and Management

`The importance of the topic hardly needs to be explained at this point in time, and those of us who know and respect the work of the contributors to this volume will take up the book eagerly in the confidence that these are just the people who have succeeded in clarifying and changing perspectives on organizational research in the past.... the book contains interesting insights and useful empirical material.... the editors worked unusually interactively and the chapters were subjected to iterative revisions.... The first three chapters... provide very thorough reviews of the literature on gender, sexuality and organization theory.' - Organization Studies

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