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The Southasian Sensibility

The Southasian Sensibility
A Himal Reader

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Kanak Mani Dixit - Writer, Civil Rights Activist and Founding Editor, Himal Southasian
Critical Acclaim

September 2012 | 352 pages | SAGE India
The Southasian Sensibility: A Himal Reader is a collection of representative, seminal articles published over the past 25 years in Himal Southasian, Southasia's first and foremost regional news and analysis magazine. The essays are fine examples of long-form journalism, a format that Himal has pioneered in the Subcontinent.

Marking the quarter century of the magazine, the Himal Reader argues for a regional mindset when tackling issues that touch the people of the Subcontinent. The focus throughout is for a humanist and progressive viewpoint, with a strong emphasis on human rights, democracy and social justice. The selected articles, whether discussing nationalism, regionalism, insurgency or cultural transformation, all reflect one aspect that Himal has striven to promote throughout its existence: a perspective that views the entire Southasian region as a single, composite entity even while respecting the plurality and integrity of its component parts.


Kanak Mani Dixit
The Dragon Bites its Tail

Kanak Mani Dixit
Axing Chipko

Manisha Aryal
Far Eastern Himalaya-The Search for Distance and Dignity

Sanjoy Hazarika
A Bangladeshi Looks for his Country

Afsan Chowdhury
A Kashmiri Solution for Kashmir

Eqbal Ahmad
The Fractured Image of Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Khaled Ahmed
Generals as Governors: The Parallel Political Systems of Northeast India

Sanjib Baruah
Eating with our Fingers, Watching Hindi Cinema and Consuming Cricket

S Anand
The Dark White Shroud

Shruti Debi
Between Despair and Hope: Interrogating 'Terrorism'

Dilip Simeon
SAARC and the Sovereignty Bargain

Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Relevance of the Middle Path: Rediscovering Gandhi for all Southasia

C K Lal
Two Chairmen and a People

Kanak Mani Dixit
Gujarat as Another Country: The Making and Reality of a Fascist Realm

Prashant Jha
Reframing the 'Burma Question'

Thant Myint-U
The Beauty of Compromise

Ramachandra Guha
Understanding the Nepali Mandate

Prashant Jha
A People on the Run

Rajan Hoole
God and the Gospel of Globalisation

Meera Nanda
Why Pakistan is not a Nation

Pervez Hoodbhoy
A Tibet of the Mind

Tenzing Sonam
Subsumed by History and Nation

Afsan Chowdhury

The best of Himal... a good reader to dip into...what strikes one the most while going through the book is the relevance of these essays to our times, the realities they present to the reader impact our politics, society and culture some 15-20 years later.

Frontline, 25 January 2013

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