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The Support Group Method Training Pack

The Support Group Method Training Pack
Effective Anti-Bullying Intervention

First Edition

January 2010 | 104 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This new book and cd-rom provides a comprehensive training course which follows the structure of the hundreds of training days that Barbara and George have run around the world since 1991. The programme includes:

- clarification of the terms 'bully' and 'victim'

- a challenge to traditional practices

- the steps of the support group method

- what makes it work, including the voices of young people

- research findings.

The pack contains full facilitator notes with a PowerPoint presentation, video excerpts and all activity pages. It provides a challenging course which helps participants to learn and understand effective responses to bullying.

By the end of the presentation the participants will have the opportunity to consider aspects of the programme and place it into the context of the current emphasis on restorative methodology, peer support and the social and emotional aspects of behavioural learning.

What is in the Book?
The training day
Pattern of the day
PowerPoint slides 1-29 with facilitator notes
Appendix 1 - Framework for a policy

Appendix 2 - A survey of use of the support group method

Appendix 3 - The Case for the Support Group Method


'The No Blame Approach is radical and ameliorative and models a pro-social response to bullying.'

Sullivan, Cleary and Sullivan (2004) Bullying in Secondary Schools, London. Paul Chapman.

'In a study in Germany of 220 cases there was an 87.3% success rate and about half the cases were reported to have been long standing.'

Heike Blum and Detlef Beck, No Blame Approach Germany,

Sample Materials & Chapters


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