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The Supreme Court

The Supreme Court

Tenth Edition

October 2009 | 229 pages | CQ Press
In The Supreme Court, Lawrence Baum brings students a brief yet comprehensive&BAD:mdash; not to mention balanced and illuminating&BAD:mdash; introduction to the U.S. Supreme Court. In particular, Baum considers the shape and breadth of the Roberts&BAD:rsquo;s Court, now fully established and distinguished from its predecessor. While carefully analyzing Chief Justice Roberts&BAD:rsquo;s style as head of the High Court, Baum also examines Justice Kennedy&BAD:rsquo;s pivotal role in recent decisions, as well as the Court&BAD:rsquo;s drift in a more conservative direction. Describing the Court&BAD:rsquo;s personalities and procedures, and delving deeply to explain the actions of the Court and the behavior of justices, Baum shows students the Court&BAD:rsquo;s complexity and reach. New to this tenth edition is analysis of President Obama&BAD:rsquo;s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, and an extended dis- cussion of the Guantánamo detainee cases, clearly demonstrating the interplay between the Court and the other branches of government. Additionally, Baum uses the 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller case to fully illuminate the legal process while giving students access to some of the Court&BAD:rsquo;s most up-to-date materials. Newly revised and streamlined tables and figures, plus a lively photo program, make this one of the most engaging books available.

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ISBN: 9781604264623