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The Tao of Loyalty

The Tao of Loyalty
Winning with Employees

First Edition
  • Ajit Rao - Executive Director and Global Leader of Customer Experience, Nielsen Company

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June 2018 | 258 pages | SAGE Response
In today's business environment, people, rather than products, technology and processes, are increasingly becoming the crucial factor in differentiating profitable organizations from those that are not. It is therefore important to understand employee commitment and loyalty in organizations.

This book begins by defining loyalty, the types of loyalty (emotional and behavioural) and how these can be measured and interpreted. The author discusses the potency of combining the two types of loyalty to segment employees into different categories which can then yield loyalty rankings. He goes on to discuss the elements that can be tweaked and managed and which impact on the loyalty scores of an employee.

This book concludes with the processes involved in building accountability in order to ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned to, and expends energy in, building employee loyalty.

Foreword Steven F Walker
The 5th P of Marketing
Emotional Loyalty
Loyalty Segmentation
Eleven Factors that Matter
The Managerial Grid: Task and People
The Task Factors
The People Factors
The Three Levers
The Role of Leadership
The Role of HR
The Role of the Boss

The book is a useful compendium for practitioners… the author’s efforts at developing notions that have practical benefits are creditable. It is also apparent that methodology for conducting the study , such as questionnaire validation, analysis and presentation is robust and well developed… author have made full use of the his rich industry experience to present several relevant examples from the industry.

The Journal of Entrepreneurship

This book explores some ideas that seem to have worked in India about how employee loyalty can be measured and therefore managed. The strong point of the book is that it provides insights to help leaders deal with different types of employees. Another interesting feature is that it also shows how behavioural loyalty is influenced by conditions external to the organisation such as the industry growth, competitive scenario and government regulations.

The Times of India

The book is thorough and the author provides clear micro perspectives on a strategic and actionable way forward to seal employee loyalty within organizations. Rao`s Tao goes beyond by providing incisive insights into a fundamentally changed modern relationship between employer and employee.

The Financial Express

Complete and holistic in its approach, helps to identify, comprehend and build a team of highly loyal employees...the book provides a novel loyalty segmentation/matrix that grades employees as truly loyal, accessible, trapped and high risk build and maintain truly loyal employees, the Tao way, helps to holistically measure and manage employee loyalty levels by extending the responsibility and accountability within the entire organization.

South Asian Journal of Management

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