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The Tao of Research

The Tao of Research
A Path to Validity

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Research Methods (General)

July 2009 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Dana K. Keller and Mary Lou Casadevall-Keller provide readers with a highly accessible introduction to the fundamental concepts of research methods in The Tao of Research: A Path to Validity. This brief, engaging book approaches the topic of research through an exploration of the issues that threaten validity in the process of knowledge generation.

Key Features:

- Examines the propositional, ethical, structural, functional, and technical restrictions researchers face

- Focuses on understanding how these restrictions influence research methods and results

- Makes concepts more accessible through discussions that follow the experiences of three "guides"—a high school principal, a statewide director of public health, and a sociology professor at a small liberal arts college.

The Tao of Research: A Path to Validity serves as either a main or supplemental text for courses such as Introduction to Research Methods, Social Research Methods, and Applied Research Methods.

Chapter 1. The Proposition's Restrictions
Chapter 2. Ethical Restrictions
Chapter 3. Structural (Methodological) Restrictions
Chapter 4. Functional Restrictions
Chapter 5. Technical Restrictions
Chapter 6. Epilogue

This small book simplifies what research is all about. I found that once I began to read this I could not put it down. Very well written.

Mrs Sharon Roberts
Faculty of Higher Education, City College Plymouth
March 30, 2010

not detailed enough in the mechanics of research design, methodology and statistics.

Diane Groff
Physical Educ Activities Dept, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
February 24, 2010

Interesting but a little to lite.

Dr David Shields
Civil Environmental Engr Dept, University of Nevada - Las Vegas
January 19, 2010

a book that really makes you think! well constructed, engages the reader in thinking about not only research validity, but on a wider ethical plane. An enjoyable read as it stimulates much thought. great for critical analysis and discussion with students

Mrs Cath Harrison-Williams
Health , City College Norwich
November 10, 2009

Integrates research and theory which is critical for doctoral studies.

Anna Wilson
Education Dept, Chapman University - Orange
October 26, 2009

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