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The Trump Presidency

The Trump Presidency
Implications for Policy and Politics


June 2018 | 48 pages | CQ Press

The Trump Presidency: Implications for Policy and Politics explains the stakes of rapidly unfolding political, governing, and policy changes introduced by the Trump administration. Perfect for American Government courses, this timely supplement takes a critical look at cases and issues shaping today’s political environment and uses them as a framework to help students navigate through the dynamic, and often dramatic, changes the United States and the world are experiencing.

Key Features:

  • Case studies analyze Trump presidency executive orders to offer students practical examples of core American government concepts to explain how regulations are created and changed.
  • “Action exercises” help students think critically about the current political environment and possible outcomes to the policies President Trump wants to create or change.
A Presidency Like No Other
Immigration: The Wall, Religious Tests, and Extreme Vetting
Making America Great Again

The Battle over the Travel Ban

The Resistance and the Tweets

Action Exercises

Health Insurance: Coverage and Costs
Obamacare Basics

The Congressional Repeal Campaign Collapses

The Freedom Caucus Resurrects Health Reform

Action Exercises

Climate Change: Science and Federalism
Trump’s Case against Paris

The Road to Paris

Domestic Politics

Federalism: States, Cities, and Companies Push Back

Action Exercises

Ethics and Leadership: Fake News and Polarization
Trump and Twitter

Fake News and Alternative Facts

Where Do We Get Our News?

Action Exercises

Conclusion: Lessons for Public Policy and Politics
Action Exercises


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