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The U.S. Senate

The U.S. Senate
From Deliberation to Dysfunction

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September 2011 | 296 pages | CQ Press
With an avalanche of scholarship on the House, it can be tough to balance out coverage in a typical Congress course with appropriate readings on the "slow institution."

Offering top-notch research geared to an undergraduate audience, Loomis' new edited volume represents a broad picture of the contemporary Senate and how it came to be. While addressing issues of delay, obstruction, and polarization in a variety of ways, the scholars in this collection are not proposing a reform agenda, but instead, explore the historical and political contexts for how difficult it can be to change a non-majoritarian, highly individualistic institution. Students will come away from these chapters with a much greater appreciation of the Senate's unique combination of tradition, precedent, and constitutional mandate.

Eric Schickler
The Senate at Mid-20th Century
Alan Abramowitz
Senate Elections and Campaigns, 1960-2010
Burdett Loomis
Senators’ Careers and Enterprises: From Individual Operator to CEO
Frances Lee
Individual Senators and the Party Linkage
Barbara Sinclair
Parties in the Senate
Steven Smith
The Procedural Senate
Greg Koger
The Filibuster Then and Now: Civil Rights in the 1960s and Health Care, 2009-10
Ross Baker
The Senate and the House: Bicameral Relations, 1960-2010
Sarah Binder
The Senate and the Executive: Nomination Politics
Bruce Oppenheimer
Domestic Policy: The Politics of Energy
James Lindsay
The Senate and Foreign Policy
David Rohde
The 21st Century Senate

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