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The War of the Words

The War of the Words
Use of propaganda and censorship in conflicts

First Edition
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March 2014 | SAGE Publications Ltd

A special report on how propaganda is used during wars, and where the line between truth and security is drawn. The report, which will be published on the centenary of the start of World War One, will look back at wars through the past century and ask how different governments have used propaganda during conflicts, and raise questions about the moral and ethical issues of keeping the public informed, and whether it is reasonable or not to fail to release information for reasons of national security. We look at the flu epidemic after WWI, WWI and other conflicts around the world.

Part I: Special Report: The War of the Words: Use of Propaganda and Censorship During Conflict
Rana Mitter
Chapter 1: Days in the Museums
Alan Maryon-Davis
Chapter 2: Into the Valley Of Death…
David Aaronovitch
Chapter 3: Reel Drama
Marc Dipaolo
Chapter 4: Tools of War
Christos Syllas
Chapter 5: It’s all Greek…
Martin Rowson
Chapter 6: Drawing Out the Dark Side
Daniel Carter
Chapter 7: Weapons of Disinformation
Leanne Green
Chapter 8: Calls to Arms
Sally Gimson
Chapter 9: Bonds of War
John MacLeod
Chapter 10: Carnage on the Clyde
Calin Hentea
Chapter 11: Loose Talk
Keith Somerville and Natasha Joseph
Chapter 12: Radio Wars
Max Wind Cowie
Chapter 13: Political Vacuum Opens Up Propaganda Possibilities
Major Ric Cole
Chapter 14: Holding the Line
Lyse Doucet
Chapter 15: Dispatches from the Frontline
Kirsty Hughes
Chapter 16: Global View
Part II: In Focus
Irena Maryniak
Chapter 17: Insider State
Konstanty Gebert
Chapter 18: Poland and the Rise of the New Anti-Semitism
Gretchen Goldman
Chapter 19: Stories of the Shutdown
Kaya Genç
Chapter 20: Turkey’s Twitter Army
Marc Frary
Chapter 21: The Day the Earth Moved
Salil Tripathi
Chapter 22: Blogging, Blasphemy and Bans
Rachael Jolley
Chapter 23: Legal Eagle
Peter Tatchell and Topher Campbell
Chapter 24: Change Your Tune?
Padraig Reidy
Chapter 25: Give Me Liberty?
Andrei Aliaksandrau
Chapter 26: Secret Signals
Julian Baggini
Chapter 27: Thinking Allowed
Anthony Clavane
Chapter 28: The Beautiful Game?
Tom Fearon
Chapter 29: Lights, Camera, Cut
Daniella Peled
Chapter 30: On the Ground in Israel
Prayaag Akbar
Chapter 31: On the Ground in India
Part III: Culture
Ed Wallis
Chapter 32: Bittersweet Symphony
Cedric Arnold and Mary O’Shea
Chapter 33: The Reviving Booksellers of Burma
Julia Farrington
Chapter 34: Slowly Opening Door
Meltem Arikan
Chapter 35: Rebel Noise
Olivia J Fox, Jane Earl and Costas Sarkas
Chapter 36: Head to Head
Mike Harris
Chapter 37: Index around the World
Natasha Schmidt
Chapter 38: Women on the Frontline

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