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The Will to Learn

The Will to Learn
Cultivating Student Motivation Without Losing Your Own

First Edition

June 2023 | 280 pages | Corwin

Student demotivation is experienced as pain—for students, for us, for everyone.

But here's the good news: student demotivation is not inevitable. It's not "a sign of the times"; it's not "kids these days;" it's not "because of COVID."

Instead, it's a symptom of the fact that modern education has lost touch with several key realities:

  • Every one of our students wants to want to learn
  • Every school in the world can be both productive and humane—achievement and wellness aren’t opposed to one another but instead are friends
  • As teachers, you and I have an outlandish (though not omnipotent) influence on the degree to which students in our classrooms experience the will to learn, and
  • The most powerful strategies for cultivating student motivation are far from complicated

In this book, acclaimed teacher-writer Dave Stuart Jr. brings a new theory of student motivation to the educational conversation. Along the way, he shares

  • The five key beliefs beneath all motivated student learning
  • Ten high-yield, low-effort methods for cultivating student motivation in all kinds of classrooms for all kinds of students, all year long
  • Tactics for overcoming over fifty common hang-ups that teachers and students experience with student motivation
  • Let's do the work, colleague. And: let's do it with care.

    Prologue: A Book About Love
    Chapter 1: On the Teaching of Souls Toward Long-Term Flourishing
    Chapter 2: The Five Key Beliefs: How They Work
    Conclusion: Healers of Souls

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