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Theory &  Practice in Clinical Social Work

Theory & Practice in Clinical Social Work

Second Edition

April 2010 | 880 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Today's clinical social workers face a spectrum of social issues and problems of a scope and severity hardly imagined just a few years ago and an ever-widening domain of responsibility to overcome them. Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work is the authoritative handbook for social work clinicians and graduate social work students, that keeps pace with rapid social changes and presents carefully devised methods, models, and techniques for responding to the needs of an increasingly diverse clientele.

Following an overview of the principal frameworks for clinical practice, including systems theory, behavioral and cognitive theories, psychoanalytic theory, and neurobiological theory, the book goes on to present the major social crises, problems, and new populations the social work clinician confronts each day.

Theory and Practice in Clinical Social Work includes 29 original chapters, many with carefully crafted and detailed clinical illustrations, by leading social work scholars and master clinicians who represent the widest variety of clinical orientations and specializations.

Collectively, these leading authors have treated nearly every conceivable clinical population, in virtually every practice context, using a full array of treatment approaches and modalities. Included in this volume are chapters on practice with adults and children, clinical social work with adolescents, family therapy, and children's treatment groups; other chapters focus on social work with communities affected by disasters and terrorism, clinical case management, cross-cultural clinical practice, psychopharmacology, practice with older adults, and mourning and loss.

The extraordinary breadth of coverage will make this book an essential source of information for students in advanced practice courses and practicing social workers alike.

Faye Mishna
Foreword to the Second Edition
Herbert S. Strean
Foreword to the First Edition
Jerrold R. Brandell
Introduction to the Second Edition
Bruce Friedman, Karen M. Neuman
Ch 1. System Theory
Bruce Thyer, Laura M. Myers
Ch 2. Behavioral and Cognitive Theories
Fredric Perlman, Jerrold R. Brandell
Ch 3. Psychoanalytic Theory
Ch 4. Neurobiology and Clinical Social Work
Alan J. Levy, Margaret G. Frank
Ch 5. Clinical Practice With Children
Randolph Lucente, Judith M. Mishne
Ch 6. Clinical Social Work With Adolescents
Froma Walsh
Ch 7. Family Therapy
Donald Granvold
Ch 8. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy With Adults
Fredric T. Perlman
Ch 9. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy With Adults
Karen Kayser
Ch 10. Couples Therapy
Joan Lesser
Ch 11. Group Treatment of Children and Adolescents
Charles D. Garvin
Ch 12. Group Treatment With Adults
Roberta Graziano
Ch 13. The Challenge of Clinical Work With Survivors of Trauma
Martha Bragin
Ch 14. Clinical Social Work in Situations of Disaster and Terrorism
Harriet Haliparn Soares, Madeleine Rose, Renee Feiger
Ch 15. Clinical Practice With Older Adults
Louise R. Presley
Ch 16. Interpersonal Violence and Clinical Practice
Olga Mikhailova, Jo Nol
Ch 17. Clinical Social Work With Depressed Clients
Jerrold R. Brandell
Ch 18. Dynamic Approaches to Brief and Time-Limited Clinical Social Work
Maryann Amodeo, Lúz Lopez
Ch 19. Social Work Interventions With Alcohol and Other Drug Problems
Joel Kanter
Ch 20. Clinical Case Management
Steve Cadwell
Ch 21. Clinical Practice With Gay Men
Eda G. Goldstein
Ch 22. Clinical Practice With Lesbians
Ramona Rukstele
Ch 23. Treatment of Infants and Their Families
Margaret O'Kane Brunhofer
Ch 24. Mourning and Loss: A Life Cycle Perspective
Marian Bogo, A. Ka Tat Tsang, Eunjung Lee
Ch 25. Cross-Cultural Clinical Social Work Practice
James Drisko
Ch 26. Researching Clinical Practice
Phyllis I. Vroom, Lenora Stanfield, Roxanne Barzone
Ch 27. Clinical Social Work in Urban School Settings
David Cohen
Ch 28. Psychopharmacology and Clinical Social Work Practice
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I fundamentally disagree (and believe Skinner would too) that behavioral theory includes "thoughts and cognitions, feeings, and dreams." (p. 23). As its name states, behavior equals behavior, period. Cognitive behavioral theory addresses thoughts and cognition, feelikngs, and dreams. As a profession we need to be careful of fuzzy thinking.

Dr Marilyn Lewis
Sch Of Social Work, Norfolk State University
May 2, 2013

Quality comprehensive textbook of subject area.

Ms Julie Patton
Social Work Dept, University of West Florida
January 7, 2013

Informative, simplified and section on specific treatment modalities is very helpful for specific populations.

Ms Sharon Martin
Humanities, Emdpire State College
July 28, 2010

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