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Thinking Through New Literacies for Primary and Early Years

Thinking Through New Literacies for Primary and Early Years

June 2013 | 208 pages | Learning Matters
Thinking Through New Literacies for Primary and Early Years is an accessible text that encourages readers to consider deeply what is meant by 'literacy' today. It explores the many different ways in which teachers and children develop their own literacy. Specifically written for education students in the later years of their course, the text draws on research and practice to explore the challenges and opportunities involved, while helping to develop the reader's own critical thinking skills.

The book begins by asking 'what's new about new literacies?' and goes on to explore some technological innovations designed to support the emergent reader and writer. It considers verbal literacy, speaking and listening, and visual literacy. Readers are encourages to think through the issues surrounding inclusion and the legal and ethical issues raised by this post-typographic age. Throughout, practical guidance runs alongside structured critical thinking exercises to help the reader reflect on both theory and practice. 

About the Thinking Through Education Series
Thinking Through Education is a series of texts designed and written specifically for those education students entering the second or final phase of their degree course. Structured around sets of specific 'skills', each chapter uses critical thinking and reflective exercises to develop greater subject knowledge and critical awareness. Each book contains links to the Teachers' Standards providing students with a clear transition from study to practice.

Jayne Metcalfe is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cumbria. Jayne is involved in e-safety training of student teachers.

Debbie Simpson is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cumbria. She is currently the acting Programme Leader for the Primary PGCE course.

Ian Todd is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cumbria, with a specialism in English and an interest in the teaching of ICT.

Mike Toyn
is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cumbria where he also coordinates the teaching of primary ICT.
What's New about New Literacies?
Technological Interventions in Early Literacy
Verbal Literacy
Finding Things Out - Information Literacy
Aural and Oral Literacy
Visual Literacy
Lost In Cyberspace? Children And Social Media
New Literacies And Inclusion
Considering Pedagogy, Ethics And The Law In The 'Remix' Culture

This book is a valuable resource for teacher educators, teachers and students teachers and it makes an important contribution to the field of the teaching of literacy in primary schools because it opens opportunities for technology and literacy to come together in meaningful and practical ways.

Carolyn Tait
New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies

This book is a valuable resource in getting students to think through issues posed by an increasingly digital world. It provides a large number of case studies and further resources to explore which my students have enjoyed. I really liked the thematic organisation of each chapter around several main topics rather than the traditional chapter format. This makes dipping in the book and finding information really easy. The further reading sections, again, provide lots of ideas and links across the curriculum.

Dr Dimitrina Kaneva
Health and Community Studies, University of Bolton
April 17, 2015

Not relevant to content of taught modules.

Ms Lis Bundock
Education, Brighton University
November 16, 2014

Interesting, well-informed and well-structured. This is an important topic which will increase in significance, so the book is timely and helpful.

Dr David Waugh
School of Education, Durham University
November 5, 2014

Well written book dealing with contemporary issues and the role of computing and information technology in the development of literacy. Researched thinking underpins relevant practical ideas for the classroom.

Mrs Jane Morris
Faculty of Education (Carlisle), University of Cumbria
October 9, 2014

Lovely text, well organised chapters and easy to navigate. Really interesting read.

Mrs Karen Boardman
Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University
May 19, 2014

An interesting text, with relevant chapters. Of particular interest is the chapter on 'Technological interventions in early literacy', which will usefully support students considering the role of IT in EY.

Ms Carol Setchell
Education , Central Sussex College
February 28, 2014

A very good text book that supports both the Computing and ICT and English module on the FdA T&L Support programme for primary support teachers

Mrs Angela Normanton
UCBC, Blackburn College
February 9, 2014

Interesting text which supported students understanding well.

Mrs Michelle Rogers
Centre for Early Childhood, University of Worcester
November 29, 2013

Useful focus on the wide range of literacies available today. The chapters are relatively short and facilitate personal reflection and adopting a critical approach to literacies.

Mr John Humphreys, MEd,MA
School of Education, Bangor University
October 18, 2013

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