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Timeless Management

Timeless Management

July 2021 | 264 pages | SAGE Response
With the constant stream of new management fads and styles coming up and claiming to be the key to business success, there are simple yet successful management techniques that have proven themselves timeless. Timeless Management is an essential read for understanding the essence of ageless management principles in identifying the concepts, ideas and applications successfully tried and tested over the years and currently in use. With a compelling mix of modern best practices and traditional management lessons, this book is an essential read for anyone looking for the essence of good management.

SAGE Back to Basics is a distilled compilation of proven and timeless ideas and best practices for new-age and experienced leaders alike. The hand-picked collection of books—on management, leadership, entrepreneurship, branding and CSR—offer advice from management experts whose knowledge and research has impacted and shaped business and management education.

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Moid Siddiqui and R.H. Khwaja
Scarecrow Does Not Scare Crows
Moid Siddiqui and R.H. Khwaja
Why Can’t You Step into the Same River Twice
Moid Siddiqui and R.H. Khwaja
Managing Creative Change—Five Factors
Moid Siddiqui and R.H. Khwaja
Generating Creative Ideas—Tips and Techniques
Pingali Venugopal
Needs, Wants and Need Hierarchy—Interface between Advertising, Sales Force and Channel
Pingali Venugopal
Marketing Product
Pingali Venugopal
Selling Strategy—Interface between Advertising, Sales Force and Channel
Pingali Venugopal
Selling Style
Moid Siddiqui and R.H. Khwaj
Walking the Tight Rope—Change Stories
V Nilakant and S Ramnarayan
Building Change Capability
Moid Siddiqui and R.H. Khwaja
Managing Transition—Hard Track and Soft Track

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