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Transformative Organizations

Transformative Organizations
A Global Perspective

Edited by:
  • Vipin Gupta - California State University, San Bernardino, USA

April 2009 | 532 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
In recent times, cross border effectiveness of the organizational model has become a fundamental management challenge. This interesting book with its diverse global context broadly explains the nature and meaning of organizations in different regions of the world. It highlights how dynamic leaders can and do bring meaningful value to the world by creating and transforming organizations.
Vipin Gupta
An Introduction to Transformative Organizations
Concepts and Case Studies in the Indian Context
Vipin Gupta, Kumkum Mukherjee and Roma Puri
The Transformative Organization
The Coates of India Story  
Vipin Gupta, Kumkum Mukherjee and Roma Puri
A Model of the Transformative Organization
Learning from the Wesman Group of India  
Thillai Rajan and Anand Ram
Roles of Principal Players during Restructuring
The Orissa State Electricity Board  
K Srikumar et al
Metamorphosis at India Post
The ePost Initiative  
Functional Strategies in the Indian Context
Vipin Gupta, Deepak Kaul and Mrinalini Shrivastava
Knowledge Management and Change Processes
Lessons from Kabir  
Atul Mitra
Innovative Compensation Practices for Organizations in India
David Watkins and Nitin Jain
Internationalization of Small-Scale Enterprise Networks
A Study of Exporters from Aligarh  
Vipin Gupta, S Ramesh Kumar and J Rajasekar
Transformative Brand and Organizational Communication
Geographical Strategies in the Confucian Context
Seungwha (Andy) Chung and Gyeong Mook Kim
Performance Drivers of Corporate Restructuring in Korea
Jifu Wang and William R Boulton
Globalization of Market-Driven State Enterprise
CHN-CHN Ceramics (C&C), China  
Kai Cheng Yu and Ping Ping Fu
Development of Chinese Managerial Behaviour
A 7-P Model Based on the Forces of History and Culture  
Tetsuo Abo
An Integrated Theory of Management Geography
Japanese Hybrid Factories in the Three Major Regions  
The Northern European Context
Thomas Steger
Acculturation of Cross-Border Acquisitions
Cowboys in Germany  
Rolf Wunderer
Employees as `Co-Intrapreneurs'
An Evolving Perspective for Managing Change in the Germanic Context  
Paul N Gooderham, Bente R L[sl]wendahl and Odd Nordhaug
Functional Flexibility in the Norwegian Context
Strategic Adaptation vs Competence Orientation  
The Anglo Cultures Context
Tetsuji Kawamura
Transformational Forces in the American Corporate System
Managing Changes in the Production Methods and Workforce Organization  
Ilan Alon
Internationalizing the American Franchise System
The Value of Resources, Agency Capabilities and Strategic Intent  
Paul T P Wong and Vipin Gupta
The Positive Psychology of the Transformative Organization
A Fresh Perspective and Evidence from the Anglo Context  
The Latin Cultures Context
Carlos Altschul
Sense-Making in Change Interventions
Lessons from Argentina  
Anabella Davila and Edmundo Garcia
Cultural Symbols as Change Agents
International Joint Ventures in Mexico  
Luca Solari
Managing Change
Designing Organizations Using the Evolutionary Perspective  
The Diverse Global Context
Paul F Buller and Glenn M McEvoy
Multinational Ethical Capability
A Source of Competitive Advantage  
Sougata Ray
Behaviour of Firms during Economic Liberalization
Conceptual Propositions and an Integrative Model  
Vipin Gupta, Mathai B Fenn and Ancheri Sreekumar
Organizational Design under Post-Modernization
What Can We Learn from the World Values Surveys?  
Vipin Gupta
Concluding Comments on Transformative Organizations
Robert J House
An Overview of the GLOBE Research Program  

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