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Transforming Historical Trauma through Dialogue

Transforming Historical Trauma through Dialogue

  • David S. Derezotes - University of Utah, USA, Director of the Peace & Conflict Studies Program, University of Utah

June 2013 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Today there is evidence that most minority groups in the US suffer from symptoms related to intergenerational transmission of collective historical trauma. For those with additional mental health issues, treatment can become complicated unless underlying historical hostilities are addressed. This book is a practical text on understanding the causes and treatment of historical trauma on an individual, group and community level. Transformation of trauma is a complex process of which people become more aware of their traumatic past, become better connected to themselves, and to the world at large. It is a participatory, strength based approach which can help people heal the trauma that divides them. The book begins with a definition of historical trauma and transformation and the development of the dialogue necessary to aid in transformation, such as self care, self awareness and professional self development. The book then goes into various techniques using a psychodynamic dialogue, cognitive behavioral, experiential, creative, and ecological dialogues. Finally the book then applies the early content to the transformation of self, family, couple, and community.
Section I: Sociohistorical Trauma, Transformation, and Dialogue
Introduction to Section I
Chapter 1 What Is Sociohistorical Trauma?: What Is Historical Trauma?
Chapter 2 What Is Transformation?
Chapter 3 Dialogue Practice
Chapter 4 The Development of the Dialogue Facilitator
Chapter 5 Basic Dialogue Phases, Tasks, and Issues
Section II: Dialogue Models
Introduction to Section II
Chapter 6 Psychodynamic Dialogue: Telling Our Stories
Chapter 7 Cognitive-Behavioral Dialogue: Exploring Attitudes and Behaviors
Chapter 8 Experiential-Humanistic Dialogue: Talking From the Heart
Chapter 9 Transpersonal Dialogue: Talking From Spirit
Chapter 10 Biological and Environmental Dialogue: Communicating With Our Bodies and Nature
Section III: Dialogue Applications
Introduction to Section III
Chapter 11 Bridging DividesThrough Dialogue: Transforming Our Spaces of Misunderstanding
Chapter 12 Dialogue in Social Justice Work
Chapter 13 Dialogue in Peace and Conflict Work
Chapter 14 Dialogue Across the Life Span
Chapter 15 Community Therapy: Transforming Mental Health Challenges Through Dialogue

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