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Uncertain Motherhood

Uncertain Motherhood
Negotiating the Risks of the Childbearing Years

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August 1994 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Uncertain Motherhood presents research on maternal behaviour among women who have less than optimal outcomes in pregnancy. The contributors examine mothers' reactions to infertility, unwanted pregnancy, `at-risk' pregnancy, stillbirth, birth of a preterm baby and the birth of a baby with a birth defect.

The purpose of the book is to develop an understanding of the women's experiences in order to assist caregivers in the provision informed care.

Peggy Anne Field et al
Uncertain Motherhood
When All is Not Well in the Childbearing Years

Rhonda Harris
Uncertain Motherhood
The Process of Infertility

Patricia Marck
Unexpected Pregnancy
The Uncharted Land of Women's Experience

Karen McGeary
Uncertain Motherhood
The Influence of Guarding on the Developing Mother-Unborn Child Relationship

Ann Lever Hense
Uncertain Motherhood
Livebirth Following Stillbirth

Barbara Brady-Fryer
Uncertain Motherhood
Becoming the Mother of a Preterm Baby

Gail Diachuk
Uncertain Motherhood
When a Child has a Birth Defect


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