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Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming

Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming
... and Get the Most from Your Advertising Budget

September 1999 | 244 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Demonstrating that television (and print) can be much more powerful advertising vehicles than has ever been supposed, the original research reported in this book finds that the more involved viewers are in a television programme, the greater the impact of the advertising carried by the programme. The book provides insight into how an advertiser can make the firm's advertising money work harder and smarter.
The Declining Effectiveness of Television Advertising
Television Programming
Vampire or Standard Bearer?

A New Model of the Effects of Television Programming
How the Program Involvement Study was Conducted
Measuring Program Involvement on Several Dimensions
The Hidden Power of Television Programming Revealed
People, Products and Campaigns Most Sensitive to TV Programming Effects
New Insights into Advertising Test Methods
The New Standard for Media Buying
Cost per Thousands Involved

The Hidden Effects of Print Media Environment
Uncover the Hidden Power of Television Programming and Print Editorial

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ISBN: 9780761915829