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Understanding Anatomy and Physiology in Nursing

Understanding Anatomy and Physiology in Nursing

First Edition

May 2020 | 384 pages | Learning Matters

Covering all the key aspects of anatomy and physiology that nursing students need to know, this text is the go to book for aspiring nurses. From an overview of cells, blood and how organ systems work together, through to coverage of each of the major organ systems, all the way to key developmental stages, genetics and ageing, this book distils the vast amounts of anatomy and physiology information that student nurses need to know into short, concise and easily accessible chapters. Throughout the book, case studies link core principles of anatomy and physiology to scenarios commonly encountered by nurses in clinical practice, helping students to apply this knowledge to their everyday working life. 

Key features

•       Mapped to the new NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018)

•       Case studies, activities and other learning features help students translate the theory to practice

•       Provides revision guidance and strategies for tackling exams and assessments throughout

Chapter 1: Cellular physiology and histology
Chapter 2: Homeostasis
Chapter 3: The cardiovascular system
Chapter 4: The respiratory system
Chapter 5: The endocrine system
Chapter 6: The nervous system
Chapter 7: The skin
Chapter 8: The musculoskeletal system
Chapter 9: Blood, immunity and the lymphatic system
Chapter 10: The digestive system
Chapter 11: The urinary system
Chapter 12: The reproductive systems
Chapter 13: Genetics and inheritance

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