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Understanding and Preventing HIV Risk Behavior

Understanding and Preventing HIV Risk Behavior
Safer Sex and Drug Use

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October 1996 | 291 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In almost 20 years of tackling the AIDS epidemic, one theme has consistently emerged: the solution to stopping the spread of the AIDS virus, HIV, rests with individual behaviour. The critical question is: how can people be influenced to change risk behaviours related to sexual activity and drug use?

This volume brings together some of the most respected researchers in the area of reducing the transmission of HIV. Their work represents the state-of-the-art research on safer sex and drug use. The issues discussed include: adolescents at risk from AIDS; denial, motivation and behaviour; and special populations.

Suzanne C Thompson and Stuart Oskamp
Understanding and Preventing HIV Risk Behavior
An Overview

Ralph J DiClemente
Adolescents at Risk for AIDS
AIDS Epidemiology, and Prevalence and Incidence of HIV

Nancy E Adler and Cynthia Rosengard
Adolescent Contraceptive Behavior
Raging Hormones or Rational Decision-Making?

Kathryn A Morris and William B Swann Jr
Denial and the AIDS Crisis
On Wishing Away the Threat of AIDS

Leslie F Clark et al
The Role of Attraction in Partner Assessments and Heterosexual Risk for HIV
Jeffrey D Fisher and William A Fisher
The Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model of AIDS Risk Behavior Change
Empirical Support and Application

John B Jemmott III
Social Psychological Influences on HIV Risk Behavior among African-American Youth
Barbara VanOss Marín
Cultural Issues in HIV Prevention for Latinos
Should We Try to Change Gender Roles?

Martin Fishbein et al
Using a Theory-Based Community Intervention To Reduce AIDS Risk Behaviors
The CDC's AIDS Community Demonstration Projects

Fen Rhodes and C Kevin Malotte
HIV Risk Interventions for Active Drug Users
Experience and Prospects

Michelle H Wierson and Jennifer L Bright
Educational Policy, Adolescent Knowledge of HIV Risk, and Sexual Behavior in Zimbabwe and the United States

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