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Understanding Cross-Cultural Psychology

Understanding Cross-Cultural Psychology
Eastern and Western Perspectives

December 2006 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Eloquently introducing students to international perspectives on cross-cultural psychology (both Eastern and Western cultures), this textbook contains many features to promote student learning. It:

- contains an array of vignettes, case studies and other text features

- addresses international research on cross-cultural psychology unlike other books that focus purely on Western perspectives

- is thoughtfully yet provocatively written, appropriately combining the narrative and the informative

The main thrust of the book's content is to discuss the framework of culture, family structure, health, bereavement and intercultural interaction - and all of their intersections - and consideration is also given to methodological and ethical research issues and their application to differing cultures.

What Is This Thing Called Culture?
Nature, Rationale and Scope of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology
Research in Cross-Cultural Settings
Ethical Considerations

Doing Research in India
Cultural and Ethical Considerations

A Conceptual Model of Cross-Cultural Differences in Eastern and Western Cultures
Family Structures and Child Rearing Practices
Cross-Culture Considerations in Health, Happiness and Illness
Intercultural Perception and Interaction
Death and Bereavement
Cross Cultural Perspectives


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Ms Sharon Gilbert
HSSBT, Patrick Henry Cmty College
April 1, 2014

A good allround introduction to cross-cultural psychology

Dr Linda Fisher-Hoyrem
Seksjon for teologi og sammfunnsvitenskapligefag, Ansgar Teologiske Hoyskole
October 21, 2013

Students are advised to read this book to raise their awareness of cross-cultural issues that are relevant to modern health psychology in a multi-cultural society.

Dr Paula Corcoran
Department of Psychology, City University
September 13, 2012

Brings a nice comparison of a cross-cultural perspective to understanding communication and interpersonal behavior. Would help to broaden some of the cultures and examples.

Dr Jean Chin
Derner Inst Of Adv Psyc Stds, Adelphi University
November 10, 2010

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