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Understanding Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Understanding Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

First Edition

April 2024 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Written by psychologists engaged in research, teaching, and practice, Understanding Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities encourages a nuanced, contextually informed understanding of the development of individuals with developmental disabilities. This accessible book contextualises developmental disability across the lifespan and within social systems. It will help you understand the complex interaction between genetics, environments, and experiences, in relation to specific conditions such as ADHD, autism, foetal alcohol spectrum conditions, and Down syndrome. It also introduces you to the wide range of real-world applications of developmental disabilities research and to some of the current ethical issues around genetic screening and behavioural intervention.

Key learning features include:
  • Learning objectives
  • Focus boxes that deliver additional helpful context
  • Chapter summaries
  • Reflective exercises and questions, to test what you’ve learned
  • Recommended videos
This book is ideal for students studying atypical development, developmental neuropsychology, and related subjects.

Grace Iarocci is Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Lab at Simon Fraser University

Jacob A. Burack is Professor of School/Applied Child Psychology and Human Development at McGill University, Director of the McGill Youth Study Team, and Scientific Director of the Summit Center for Education, Research, and Training

Dermot M. Bowler is Professor of Psychology and a founder member of the Autism Research Group at City, University of London
Part I: Foundations
Chapter 1: Introduction: The Basics of a Developmental Approach
Chapter 2: Gene-Environment Interactions and Intellectual Disability
Chapter 3: Screening, Assessment and Diagnosis Of Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities
Part II: Intellectual Disabilities
Chapter 4: Down Syndrome
Chapter 5: Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Chapter 6: Neurogenetic Syndromes and Rare Disorders Associated with Intellectual Disability
Part III: Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 7: Autism Spectrum Disorder: Psychological Theories and Explanations
Chapter 8: Autism Spectrum Disorder (or Difference): Features, Identification and Screening
Chapter 9: Language and Communication
Chapter 10: Specific Learning Disorder
Chapter 11: Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Part IV: Developmental Disability in Context
Chapter 12: Intellectual Disability in the Family Context
Chapter 13: Broadening Perspectives on Developmental Disability

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