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Understanding Person-Centred Counselling

Understanding Person-Centred Counselling
A Personal Journey

December 2014 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book provides a key introduction to the theory, concepts and practice of the person-centred approach, through the lens of the practitioner’s experience and personal development.

Writing as someone who has been through real life challenges and has developed and learned as a result, the author’s strikingly personal style not only helps to contextualise complex and nuanced theory, but makes this a truly unique book about real person-centred practice and experience. From Roger’s early philosophy through to the current developments and controversies in the field, the author uses personal testimonies, exercises and reflection points to make challenging concepts and practice issues accessible for the novice reader. What results is an informative and fascinating read for all those training and interested in the person-centred approach.

PART I The Evolution of Rogers’ Philosophy
The Evolution of Rogers’ Philosophy: Rogers Life and the development of his attitudes and ideas
PART II Person-Centred Theory
Rogers’ Original Theory of Personality and Behaviour: The Nineteen Propositions
The Actualising Tendency
Organismic Experience and the impact of The Conditions of Worth
On Being Fully Functioning and ‘Becoming a Person’
Incongruence and When Personality Becomes Dysfunctional
PART III Person-Centred Clinical Practice
The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Psychological Change and The Importance of the Unified Extension of the Core Conditions
Another Characteristic and Relational Depth
Significant Odd Psychotherapeutic Occurrences and Mistakes and their relevance to The Other Characteristic and Relational Depth
Diversity and Oppression: The Other Characteristic and Relational Depth
Person-Centred Psychotherapeutic Creativity and Adaptation
PART IV Then, Now and to Come?
Criticisms and Controversies and An Interconnected World
Epilogue: The Author's Life and Practice; Then, Here and Now at the End of This Book

This is a book that truly reflects the core conditions of Person- Centred Counselling. Christine presents the theory , practice and underlying philosophy with clarity, wisdom and incisive honest observations based on her own experiences as well as the experiences of other practitioner's and students. 

Wendy Wood
Programme Leader for Postgraduate Certificate in Compassion Focused Therapy, University of Derby

Providing a personal and at times intimate exploration of the the person centred approach, Chris invites the reader into a deep engagement with both theory and practice. This is a thought provoking chance to connect with both classical theory and more contemporary ideas in the the person centred community.

Lisa Anthony
Senior Teaching Fellow, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Warwick University

The ease with which Brown describes and contextualises person-centred theory points to her long experience as a trainer and her parallel ability to communicate her world without pretence or complication. As many students of the person-centred approach will testify, getting your head around the 19 propositions is no easy jaunt, so I recommend this text, if you read it only for that reason.

Mike Gallant, Senior Teaching Fellow Counselling & Psychotherapy, University of Warwick
Therapy Today

An additional text to support my Level 4 Counselling students.

Ms Edna Ogundare
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
April 29, 2022

This was a book, that although I didn't have the time to read....on "flicking through" as I stood - 3 chapters later I was not at all disappointed! Christina Brown writes in an accessible and personal way which imbues the person-centred philosophy. Tricky theory is explained and linked to real life in order to make it easily understood. I have already recommended to both our library and our students and will be added to our reading list! Thank you Christine.

Ms Sally Chisholm
Schoolof Psychology, Keele University
April 2, 2016

Being understandably written, very well structured, personal and scientific, this book will serve as a welcome supplement to the course: Communication for Mentors. Besides getting at the core of Person-Centered Counselling, Christine Brown provides readers with a creative and effective blend of resources such as case-examples, reflection points, resources for further reading, author's personal experiences, clarification of terminology and more. I'm grateful I found her book as a companion on my and "my" students' person-centered, co-actualizing journey!

Professor Renate Motschnig
Education , University of Vienna
September 18, 2015

Good overview of classical person centred theory, with helpful points for reflection and vignettes relating theory to personal experience.

Ms Jane Johnson
School of Psychology, Keele University
February 10, 2015

The personal perspective of this book is wonderful. I will be recommending it to my students on both the Level 2 and Level 3 counselling courses.

Ms Liz Swanson
Early Years Health and Care, South Essex College
January 5, 2015

This is an easy to read book covering the essentials for any student studying person centred counselling. It breaks down the theory and practice in a helpful way.

Mrs Nicola Grass
Health and Social Care, Weston College
October 16, 2015

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