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Understanding Research for Nursing Students

Understanding Research for Nursing Students

Fourth Edition
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October 2018 | 208 pages | Learning Matters

If you’re learning about research for the first time, or grappling with an essay or final year project, this is the nursing research book you’re looking for. Using plain language and case studies that relate research directly to every-day nursing situations, the author guides you through the central concepts you need to know to truly understand research in nursing.

Chapter 1: Introducing research
Chapter 2: Overview of qualitative methodologies
Chapter 3: Data collection methods and analysis in qualitative research
Chapter 4: Overview of quantitative methodologies
Chapter 5: Data collection methods and analysis in quantitative research
Chapter 6: Multiple methods, evaluation and action research
Chapter 7: Using research

Students directed to two chapters of the book for asynchronous activities. Book is easy to read and helps students to understand research.

Mrs Rachel Skipper
Dept of Health Sciences, York University
December 8, 2020

this book is a simple way for students to understand research especially as undergraduates. this will also be useful for anyone wanting to learn to about research in nursing.

Miss Tsering Dickee
Department of Adult Nursing, Bucks New University
November 23, 2020

clear and logical format, introduction to research well explained in this textbook

Miss Esme Elloway
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Plymouth University
April 30, 2020