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Using NVIVO in Qualitative Research

Using NVIVO in Qualitative Research

October 1999 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
From getting started to completing your research project, this book provides a practical guide to using QSR NVivo. Written in clear language, it contains six tutorials to use with your own data. Much more than a manual, the book offers advice with each section, addressing a range of research approaches and priorities. Each chapter starts with an overview and includes tips on design issues and ways of flexibly managing your project.

The CD-ROM that orignally accompanied this book and its contents are no longer available. For more details on the latest versions of the QSR NVivo software please visit


About This Book
A Project in NVivo
Linking Data
Coding at nodes
Shaping Data-
Sets and Trees

Getting it together

This book is brilliant. However, for the level at which this course is taught this book won't be directly recommended. Nevertheless, various sections will be referred to during the course of the programme delivery.

Mr Lloydon Alleyne
Marketing and PR, Leeds Metropolitan University
July 5, 2012

Designed from the outset to be an overview of NVivo qualitative computing software it succeeds admirably. Lyn Richards has done a remarkable job using plain language clear examples to explain how a researcher could use the suggested methods and approaches to obtain their required qualitative research goals.

The demonstration software CD that is included with the book allows the reader to make full use of the examples given by the author within their relevant chapters, and to thereby explore the accompanying tutorials to their maximum.

Lyn Richards is a Research Professor of Qualitative Methodology and this is evident throughout her book, which is not only a practical handbook but also an invaluable resource book for qualitative research of all kinds including tips on designing, starting and managing a project.

Mrs Anita McGowan
Humanities , Croydon College
March 21, 2011

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