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Visual Research Methods

Visual Research Methods

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

February 2006 | 1 696 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The use of visual evidence in social and cultural research is an exciting and stimulating area of growing interest bridging the social sciences and humanities. The burgeoning use of the Internet has given a massive boost to the use of, and interest in, varieties of visual information for research purposes. At the same time, these visual technologies themselves raise all sorts of methodological questions.

This collection brings together the contributions of key writers within both the symbolic and empirical research traditions, presenting the most influential statements on visual research methods and the central debates about visual culture in a diversity of fields. These range from art history, to history of photography, film studies, and aesthetics to media and communications studies, sociology and cultural studies, and social anthropology, social psychology and educational research.

Part I: Classical Historical Statements

Part II: The Objectivity of the Visual

Part III: Visual Technologies

Part IV: The Visual as Method

Peter Hamilton
Jeremy Bentham
Panopticon; Or the Inspection-House
Containing the Idea of a New Principle Of Construction

Francis Galton
Personal Identification and Description
Walter Benjamin
The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
John Grierson
First Principles of Documentary
C S Peirce
Icon, Index and Symbol
Erwin Panofsky
Studies in Iconology
Jules Prown
Art as Evidence
Raymond Boudon
The Objectivity of Artistic Values
Howard S Becker
Visual Sociology, Documentary Photography and Photojournalism
It's (Almost) All a Matter of Context

A Bertillon
The Identification of the Criminal Classes by the Anthropometrical Method
Doug Harper
On the Authority of the Image
Visual Sociology at the Crossroads

Neil Davie
Tracing the Criminal
Stuart Hall
EnCoding and Decoding
Roland Barthes
The Family of Man
Chris Jenks
The centrality of the Eye in Western Culture
Susan Sontag
Regarding the Pain of Others
John Tagg
The Burden of Representation
André Bazin
Pour en Finir avec la Profondeur de Champ
Allan Sekula
Reading an Archive
Laura Mulvey
Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema
Tony Bennett
Stored Virtue
Memory, the Body and the Evolutionary Museum

Marshall McLuhan
The Medium Is the Massage
An Inventory of Effects

Henri Cartier-Bresson
The Decisive Moment
Douglas Crimp
On the Museum's Ruins
Emmison and Smith
Three-Dimensional Visual Data
Sarah Pink
Visualizing Ethnography
Transforming the Anthropological Vision

Marcus Banks
Visual Anthropology is Not Ethnographic Film
The Visual as Material Culture

Elizabeth Edwards
Photography and Anthropology
Bateson and Mead
Balinese Character
A Photographic Analysis

Howard Becker
Photography and Sociology
John Collier
Visual Anthropology
Jay Ruby
The Self In the Other
Ethnographic Film, Surrealism, Politics

Douglas Harper
Working Knowledge
John Berger and Jean Mohr
A Seventh Man
Jay Ruby
Visual Anthropology
G W H Smith and M S Ball
Technologies of Realism? Ethnographic Uses of Photography and Film
Peter Hamilton
`A Poetry of the Streets?' Documenting Frenchness in an Era of Reconstruction - Humanist Photography 1935-1960
Elizabeth Edwards
Photography and the Performance of Histories
Elizabeth Chaplin
Photographs in Social Research
The Residents of Gordondale Road

Jon Prosser
What Constitutes an Image-based Methodology?
Jon Wagner
Visual Sociology and its Relationship to Meaning, Representation and Information
Pierre Sorlin
Deceptive Images
Social Science and the Puzzle of the Moving Picture

Stuart Franklin
The Uses of Documentary
Photography, Evidence and Research

Nigel Warburton
Evidence and Imagination

Richard Chalfen
The Evidentiary Problematic of Home Media
Gillian Rose
Text, Practice, Numinosity
Methodologies for and against Visual Images

J Prosser with D Schwartz
Photographs within the Sociological Research Process
Dona Schwartz
To Tell the Truth
Codes of Objectivity in Photojournalism

Erving Goffman
Gender Advertisements
Georg Simmel
Snapshots Sub-Species
Robin Riley and Elizabeth Manias
Snap-Shots of Live Theatre
The Use of Photography to Research Governance in Operating Room Nursing

Eric Margolis
Picturing Labour
A Visual Ethnography of the Coal Mine Labour Process

Chuck Suchar
Grounding Visual Sociology Research in Shooting Scripts
Darren Newbury
Telling Stories about Photography
The Language and Imagery of Class in the Work of Humphrey Spender and Paul Reas

John Corner
Documentary and the Aesthetics of Reference
Julian Stallabras
Cold Eye (Review of Pierre Bourdieu on Photography)
E Neiva
Review of `Photography: A Middle Brow Art'
William Stott
Documentary Expression and Thirties America
Veronica Miriam Davidov
Representing Representations
The Ethics of Filming at Ground Zero


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