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Voters and Voting

Voters and Voting
An Introduction

First Edition

December 2003 | 219 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This clear and comprehensive textbook will be invaluable for undergraduate and graduate courses on elections and voting behaviour. Complex theoretical and statistical ideas are explained lucidly and effectively - no mean achievement'

- Representation

'Voters and Voting fills a yawning gap in the study of elections and voting

behaviour. No other book today matches the breadth and depth of coverage

provided by Jocelyn Evans. This book is destined to become a staple in

university courses on elections, parties and political methodology. It will

also be a well-thumbed addition to scholars' personal libraries' -

David M Farrell, The University of Manchester

This accessible textbook provides a comprehensive introduction and guide to theories of voting and electoral behaviour.

The text introduces the concept of voting and traces the historical origins and development of voting theories up to and including present-day techniques and models.

Approaches reviewed include the early social and psychological models, through the rational choice, spatial modelling and economic theories, to the more sophisticated contemporary models. By carefully presenting and explaining the major technical and methodological advances made in voting studies, the text serves to provide a complete review of the different approaches and techniques that have characterized this area of study from its origins to the present day.

The book includes separate chapters on abstention and electoral competition, and employs a range of empirical examples from a number of countries. It concludes by looking at how voting studies might evolve in the future.

Voters and Voting: An Introduction will be essential reading for all students of electoral and political behaviour across the social and political sciences.

Historical Development of Voting Studies
Social Structural Theories of Voting
Rational Choice Theories of Voting
Issues and Space
Proximity and Directional Theories of Voting
Voting and the Economy
Non-voting and Abstention
Thinking about Voting Change

This is an essential book for any module on electoral behaviour. It is well structured and well written and is appropriate for both undergraduate and postgraduate students taking this subject for the first time.

Dr Raul Gomez
Faculty of Education,Health & Sciences, Derby University
May 14, 2013

This is an excellent, thorough, and up-to-date guide to voting behaviour and I will recommend it to students in my course, even though some aspects of the book may be a bit too advanced for some students. The non-mathematical parts are very well written and should be helpful.

Dr Thomas Lundberg
Department of Politics, Glasgow University
February 8, 2011

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