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What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

January 2010 | 208 pages | Learning Matters
Written specifically for students on counselling and psychotherapy courses, this book gives an overview of the profession from its early beginnings in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis through the development of the different schools and approaches of talking therapies including psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural and person-centred approaches. Working within various sectors, such as the commercial, educational and public, is also considered and discussed. The author concludes the book by looking at where counselling and psychotherapy is heading in the future.
PART 1: Where has counselling and psychotherapy come from?
Counselling and psychotherapy – the opening story
PART 2: What do therapists do?
Repairing people - the tales begin
The psychodynamic Story
The cognitive-behavioural Story
The humanistic Story
Personality and therapy - today's story
PART 3: Where do therapists work?
Working in the commercial sector
Working in the educational sector
Working in the National Health Service
PART 4: Where is counselling and psychotherapy going?
Counselling & psychotherapy - the next story

''Claringbull is a skilled story-teller, and the narrative he unfolds in this text is nothing less than the evolution of the talking therapies from the ancient world to the current day. The result is a remarkably engaging and accessible resource which will help equip both trainees and seasoned practitioners to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century from an informed and considered position.'' (Professor Simon du Plock, Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University)

An excellent introduction into counselling and psychotherapy, this book gives the reader and focus on the approach that is used by the therapist.

Miss Sharron Stillyards
health and social care, northlindsey college
May 7, 2014

I really like the level of detail in this book and I've found it highly informative and well written.

Ms Ann Walker
Department of Psychology, Sheffield Hallam University
September 9, 2013

The Book has been used for students undertaking AMHP training.

Mr Robert Wu
Social Work Department, Birmingham City University
November 7, 2012

This book lays out the key elements of the main approaches in counselling, placing the development of theories within an historical context. It also provides useful text on the settings in which counselling is delivered. A useful book for students of Counselling theory/ first year diploma.

Mr Paul Turley
Counselling Training, Kent Adult Education
November 2, 2012

Now in our library. a good book for those focussing on counselling and peychotheray or those beginning research ino these topics - it gives history, back ground and introductions into differeing approaches. therapies. The book poses the question 'How do we repair people?' (p30) and for our programme in Youth Work a more focussed book like 'Effective Counselling with young people' (Reid and Westergaard) is attractive.

Richard Turner
Youth Work, Chester University
September 17, 2012

Good introduction to Counselling & Psychotherapy, with a clear outline for students to be able to follow and make connetions to the main schools of thought. This is really useful for the Intregative model that we are teaching.

Mr Hu Clarke
Counselling, Havering College of Further and Higher Education
June 25, 2012

A useful introductory book

Ms Carol Hughes
Counselling, Swansea Metropolitan University
March 5, 2012

I shall be using this text for an Introductory Level course beginning in February. A useful overview of main approaches.

Ms Raje Suzanne Airey
Counselling Dept, Colchester Institute
December 22, 2011