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What Teachers Should Know But Textbooks Don't Show

What Teachers Should Know But Textbooks Don't Show

February 2008 | 168 pages | Corwin
What Teachers Should Know But Textbooks Don't Show shares practical and valuable information often missing from formal teacher training that helps teachers not only survive in this challenging profession, but also thrive in the years ahead. Ideal for current and prospective teachers, this resource truly combines research with personal experiences and lessons learned from veteran teachers.
About the Author
Part I. Planning and Preparing to Teach
1. Making Positive First Impressions
2. Making Time Through the Art of Multitasking
3. Making Grading Manageable
Part II. Classroom Management
4. Reinforcing Routines and Completing Clerical Tasks
5. Discipline: Setting Boundaries and Holding the Line
Part III. Instructional Strategies
6. Teaching Outside the Box
7. A Personal Touch: Incorporating the "Affective" Element
Part IV. Teaching: An Ensemble Work
8. Cooperate, Collaborate, & Consider the Office Staff
9. Parents & Teachers: We're on the Same Team
10. Participate in the Profession

"Useful and motivational, practical and inspiring. Erbes not only provides teachers with valuable suggestions to make their lives easier and improve their craft, but also speaks to the heart of the matter. She reminds us that teaching is about more than skills and strategies; it is about relationships and passion."

Marilyn Green, Director of Grants, Assessment, and Special Projects
Moorpark Unified School District, CA

"This book answers the practical question of how to be an effective teacher while retaining the heart and soul, which are essential to becoming a successful educator. Erbes shares her personal expertise with honesty and clarity to inspire new teachers to create active learning environments where both the teacher and the students can thrive."

Donna Fulgham, Language Arts Teacher
Moorpark High School, CA

"I was a brand new teacher right after college and I know that nothing can be as frustrating and disheartening to a young educator as the first year of teaching. Erbes uses her own journey and the experiences of others to help guide new teachers through what may be their toughest year. This book offers encouragement to help new teachers maintain their enthusiasm for teaching—the world's greatest profession."

Janice Hahn, City Councilwoman
Los Angeles, CA

"Erbes offers practical advice—not just theory—on how to succeed in the crucial first years of teaching. This book is filled with ideas on how to optimize teaching time and maximize student learning. By applying these guidelines, developing educators will have a better chance of being organized, thoughtful, and effective."

Erin Powers, Literacy and Leadership Partner
University of California, Los Angeles

"Blends research with tips on the most challenging moments new teachers face in their classrooms, showing how to create a positive learning environment, handle students and families alike, and meet professional objectives. New teachers in particular will find it a clear, concise indicator of common problems and their solutions."

The Bookwatch, June 2008
Midwest Book Review

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