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Where’s the Moolah?

Where’s the Moolah?
Financial Growth Hacking for Business Profitability

July 2021 | 332 pages | SAGE Response
As an entrepreneur or a business head, are you concerned about how to be more profitable and what to do to earn more bucks. Worry no more! Where’s the Moolah? shares easy and simple, byte-sized actionable pointers that help you discover the hidden treasures in your business, which will enable you to grow your profits and manage your cash flow better. This book tells you how to pivot for high financial performance, and how the different functions of a business can contribute to the overall financial growth.

Your takeaways are in the form of how you can capitalize on the various aspects of the business for enhancing financial growth, maximizing efficiencies, dos and don’ts from real-life examples, scorecards and food for thought. So, get enriched from the wisdom of successful business leaders on factors that can contribute to better profitability.  

Read this book and find where your money is.
Foreword by R. Ramaraj
Pivot on Finance
Financial Growth Created by Human Resources
Customer-focused Business for Financial Wins
Devising a Financially Sound Strategy
Building Financial Efficiency in Operations
Financial Returns from Marketing
Financial Management with Suppliers
Financial Watch with Information Technology
Leverage on Finance to Scale
Accelerating Financial Growth

‘Being a sales and marketing professional, this book has kindled my thoughts on how the sales and marketing functions contribute to the financial growth of a business. The action plan provided at the end of the chapters is a good way to navigate the business in the desired path. Where’s the Moolah is a must-read for business folks.’

Sajeev Rajasekharan
Managing Director, Asia Emerging Markets and India, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

‘Although the book is titled Where’s the Moolah? it is not a book that covers just money matters. After all, “money”, is the output of the business that gets many of the fundamentals right. In that context, this book covers many of the “first principle thinking” for running a business effectively and efficiently as a profitable venture. Topics such as pricing strategy, forest principle and business karma are examples of what I am referring to, which are rarely covered in other books of this genre. I encourage young entrepreneurs and business leaders to read this book and benefit from the wealth of knowledge which is being shared in this book.’

Suresh Sambandam
CEO, Kissflow

‘With the book Where’s the Moolah? Sangeeta has written a very practical guide for business leaders. She asks and helps answer the key questions facing businesses today while weaving in the importance of closely connecting finance with the corporate mission. This book is a great read for entrepreneurs and business chiefs.’

Steve Rosvold
Founder, CFO.University, USA

‘Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh’s book on Where’s the Moolah? is a very comprehensive work which looks at managing any organization competently to achieve its goals. While money may not be the ultimate goal of all organizations, every organization’s effectiveness can be measured with this single most important indicator. Sangeeta has dealt with this important indicator of organizational effectiveness using a multidimensional model which deals with people, customers, markets, suppliers, technology, strategy and, most importantly, finance. The book is a great workbook for entrepreneurs and professional managers of all disciplines. It is filled with case studies and illustrative examples.’

Dr T. V. Rao
Former Professor, IIM Ahmedabad; Chairman, TVRLS

‘Where’s the Moolah? is one of the first books to guide entrepreneurs through a full life cycle of establishing a profitable business. If you deeply care about growing your business financially, this book is a “must-read”, since each chapter reinforces successful money management. The author has unpacked decades of experience in financial management throughout the book.’Design

Ram Nagappan
Co-founder, American Tamil Entrepreneurs Association, USA

‘In the current climate of fast-paced, volatile and profitdriven business ecosystems across the world, Sangeeta’s book Where’s the Moolah? captures the fine prints of managing money and bringing to life its productive use.’ This book would serve as a quick lesson/refresher on the essentials of modern finance planning and accelerated business growth for both young entrepreneurs and seasoned leaders alike, who can draw on the rich insights and knowledge which the author amassed through her 25-year-journey in the business arena. The way the book captures the nuances of money management, profitability and economic productivity in a very clear and simple manner is commendable. Sangeeta through her work has nicely showcased the various critical phases in a business, with real-life leaders sharing their thoughts on addressing the same.

RaviChandran Purushothaman
President, Danfoss India

‘Where’s the Moolah? is a very practical guide to not just making money but also doing so effectively, ethically and efficiently. While the end objective is to achieve financial goals, the author makes it clear that for long-term financial high performance, one has to follow a considered path of setting the right systems and processes, employee orientation, customer and supplier focus, leveraging technology and scale, and doing all these with integrity. The book is a valuable asset to business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs across start-ups to mature and large-scale businesses.’

Srividya Gopal
Managing Director, Duff & Phelps, Singapore

‘The biggest challenge for the entrepreneurs today is effective financial management. Books which teach the art of finance offer a great way of learning. Ms Sangeeta Sumesh in her book Where’s the Moolah? has distilled the essence of the matter and explained in clear and simple English, offering a vast array of advice on how entrepreneurs can tilt the odds in their favour. It is a powerful no-nonsense prescription on how the entrepreneurs should structure their strategies in the current market environment.’

Neethi Mohan
Chairman, Young Entrepreneur School, Tamil Nadu

‘Sangeeta’s book Where’s the Moolah? is a must-read for entrepreneurs, start-ups and business leaders. What I find really valuable in the book is the focus on the principles-based approach combined with the right tools to actually implement. For instance, pricing strategy and business karma are great levers but most often ignored by business leaders. Any serious leader who wants to establish a sound business on solid principles must have this book in his go-to collection of books.’

Jayanthra Jayachandran
Director, Entrepreneurs’ Organization, South Asia

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