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Winning in 2012

Winning in 2012
CQ Press's Guide to the Elections

September 2012 | 64 pages | CQ Press
Once again, CQ Press provides your students with a valuable supplement that provides an insiderÆs guide to the 2012 elections. Journalist and analyst Bob Benenson lays out a road map to help students understand: the ups and downs, ins and outs of the nomination process and the primaries; the key Congressional and gubernatorial contests in battleground states; the policy issues at play this election seasonùsuch as the economy and jobs, tax revenue versus cuts in government spending, Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party movement, immigration, and health care; and how these 2012 elections fit within the context of past elections. Winning in 2012 is the perfect jumping off point for your intro American government courseùa resource students can continually refer to as they assess the candidates and make sense of the issues.
Obama: Timely Rebound, but Reelection Not Assured
Prelude to 2012: A Wildly Swinging Political Pendulum
The Republican Nominating Campaign’s Long and Winding Road
November Outlook: It’s the Economy, Mainly
The Fights for Congress
Republicans Have Best Governor Race Opportunities

A highly recommendable source to discuss the 2012 presidential elections with students based on a sound foundation.

Dr Thomas Leuerer
Institute for Political Science and Social Research, University of Wurtzburg
January 3, 2013

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