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Women and AIDS

Women and AIDS
Psychological Perspectives

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May 1993 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Academic and media discourse on AIDS and HIV has so far tended to ignore women, or, at best, has portrayed them either as transmitters of HIV to male partners and children, or as innocent victims of morally degenerate men. This book challenges such views and looks at the complex realities of women's relationships to HIV and AIDS.

Pointing to the development of a feminist psychology of the subject, the book highlights key issues in the following areas: HIV antibody testing of women and its implications for reproductive rights; women's perceptions of HIV `risk', with particular reference to sexuality and drug use; women's experiences of caring voluntarily and professionally for people living with HIV and AIDS; and representations of women and AIDS in scientific, policy and media debates.

Hortensia Amaro
Reproductive Choice in the Age of AIDS
Policy and Counselling Issues

Lorraine Sherr
HIV Testing in Pregnancy
Sherry Deren, Stephanie Tortu and W Rees Davis
An AIDS Risk Reduction Project with Inner-City Women
E Anne Lown, Karen Winkler, Robert E Fullilove and Mindy Thompson Fullilove
`Tossin' and Tweakin'
Women's Consciousness in the Crack Culture

Halina Maslanka
Women Volunteers at GMHC
Jane M Ussher
Paradoxical Practices
Psychologists as Scientists in the Field of AIDS

Alexandra Juhasz
Knowing AIDS through the Televised Science Documentary
Cindy Patton
`With Champagne and Roses'
Women at Risk from/in AIDS Discourse


`This is a highly interesting and at times disturbing compilation... The book deems socio-economic (and historical) factors such as poverty to be at the heart of individual responses to the AIDS epidemic... Attention to social factors is also embodied by the space given to media, policy and scientific AIDS-related discourses... The book is also distinctive in that it calls into question the direct relationship between sex/drug-related behaviours and rationally held beliefs and attitudes' - The Psychologist

`The theory contained in the book is often interesting and challenging... those interested in the current theoretical debates about feminist psychology will find much food for thought' - AIDS Care

`Provides an insight into the feminist view of this epidemic' - Health Psychology Update

`This collection contains useful and interesting material... interesting... thought-provoking' - Disability & Society

`[A] very fine collection of chapters' - Health and Social Care in the Community

`In this age of AIDS, this book discusses many issues that are of real concern to women and to all who are interested in women's health, especially sexual health. The book is, therefore, a valuable contribution to the literature... Corinne Squire has produced a volume which is of considerable value to anyone interested in HIV/AIDS and/or in women's health issues. It makes a significant contribution to the discussion of an important area of concern in today's world. It is hoped that it will be widely read, and - more importantly - seriously discussed' - Sexual and Marital Therapy

`Corrine Squire has gathered work from both the UK and the USA for this very fine collection of chapters... the book examines the position of women and HIV from a broad spectrum of data' - Health and Social Care in the Community

`This book is essential for psychological researchers, educators and practitioners working in HIV/AIDS... inspires psychologists to solve problems' - Psychology of Women Quarterly

`A collection of articles that frankly and critically looks at women and AIDS from a feminist perspective... this is the first time I have found psychology's role in the AIDS crisis challenged by feminists within the profession... The relative invisibility of women as subject, caregiver or practitioner in the AIDS crisis is an important theme of many of the articles... This text gave me, a feminist who has worked with AIDS issues for over 10 years, interesting and provocative surprises... should be required reading for those who work with HIV and AIDS in counseling, education, training and clinical practice... it raises important feminist questions for personal and clinical care' - National Women's Studies Association Journal

'eight wonderful chapters... the two on HIV and women's reproductive rights are well worth the price of the book. Both present balanced, clear information on pregnancy, counseling and HIV testing... An important book' - Choice

`The questions raised by this book are thought-provoking and important' - The New England Journal of Medicine

`Women with HIV disease have historically been discriminated against in their attempt to access the same standard of care men received during the first decade of AIDS... as Corinne Squire discusses, acknowledgement of the disparity in care could not be more timely, as women now account for over 25 per cent of AIDS cases worldwide... The book is effective at elucidating areas of inequality, challenging the reader to consider points including: How can women be made aware of the need to insist their male sexual partners use condoms? Can we force a woman to submit to an HIV test based solely on fetal rights to diagnosis and treatment?... I recommend this book as an introduction to the psychosocial and medical issues surrounding women and HIV' - New England Journal of Optometry

`This book justifies the value of women by showing how disintegrating social forces corrupt and destroy women and their identity' - The International Journal of Environmental Studies

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