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Women Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs
Moving Beyond the Glass Ceiling

September 1997 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
By analyzing the cases of 129 successful women entrepreneurs, the authors of Paths to Success explore the reasons for the rising number and success of women entrepreneurs in the United States. The authors consider: the driving forces which led the women to leave the organizational environment; the use of the organization as an incubator for entrepreneurship; the strategies employed immediately after making the move from the corporation; initial difficulties and entrepreneurial networking; and how these talented women measure success in their businesses.

The book concludes with suggestions for future entrepreneurs and for organizations which wish to halt the mass exit of women from their corporate environments.

Making the Leap
The Organizational Incubator
Career Transition Challenges
The Hub Effect

Networks as Vital as Links
Fulfilling the Dream

Summary and Advice

Good specialist text for exploring a contemporary and topical aspect of entrepreneurship.

Dr Stephen Malone
Business School, Staffordshire University
April 25, 2012

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