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Working in Multi-professional Contexts

Working in Multi-professional Contexts
A Practical Guide for Professionals in Children's Services

April 2012 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Making links between different professional roles, policies and practices, this book equips readers swith the skills, knowledge and understanding that managers, practitioners and students require to work in integrated multiprofessional settings. It draws on case studies to consider the dilemmas, challenges and complexities common within workplaces.

Chapters cover:

- roles, policies and practices in integrated services

- quality assessment in a multiprofessional context

- evaluating and developing children and family services

- participation and engagement in integrated family centres

- contemporary leadership and management in multiprofessional teams

- innovative multiprofessional learning

- creative multiprofessional environments.

Each chapter incorporates activities to support professional development. Six chapters analyse: multi-professional case studies on inclusive education; joint assessment and family support; leadership in integrated children's services (education, health and social services); participatory one-stop family centre design; and mentoring in the childcare/early years sector.

Introduction: Themes, Issues and Conclusions
The Book, Its Concept, Why It Is Needed and Who It Is for

The Structure of the Book

Multi-Professional Assessment, Planning and Delivery
Concepts of Assessment

Structures of Assessment

Relationships of Assessment


Recommended Further Reading

Participation and Multi-professional Working
Defining Our Concepts of Participation

Structures of Participation

Participatory Relationships


Recommended Further Reading

Traditional Structures of Multi-Professional Leadership and Management
Concepts of Visionary Leadership and Management

Management, Leadership and Organisational Structures

Relational Multi-Professional Management and Leadership


Recommended Further Reading

Contemporary Approaches to Multi-Professional Leadership and Management
Reflexive Managers, Leaders and Individuals

Systemic Multi-Professional Joint Working

Multi-Professional Systems, Relationships and Change


Recommended Further Reading

Multi-Professional Evaluation
Total Quality Management

Research-Based Evaluation/Development

Relational Approaches to Evaluation


Recommended Further Reading

Multi-Professional Learning and Creativity
Concepts of Multi-Professional Learning, Innovation and Creativity?

Environments for Innovation, Creativity and Change


Recommended Further Reading

Final Conclusions

This book initially takes sometime to embrace with enthusiam, but once you do persevere in reading it is very well thought out and interesting read. I particularly like chapters 4 and 5, as they offer some interesting thinking on 'Leadership and Management' that multi-professional working can be twart with problems or issues if not understood.

For any person interested in 'MASH' which encompasses much of the principles of working in multi-professional contexts, this book would provide an invaluable knowledge and understandiing the complexities that suttle and inherent in multi-agency working and help the reader to recognise and develop strategies to address these implicitly within their practice.

Mr Robert Bielby
faculty of health and social care sciences, Kingston University
May 26, 2013

A really useful reference text, particularly for tutors and practice educators working in and with multi-professional teams. I have already used it regularly to inform strategies for interprofessional education.

Ms Deb Hearle
Occupational Therapy Department, Cardiff University
May 14, 2013

This book has really enthused my student's wider reading to help with assignment tasks

Mrs Donna O'Connor
EYCYP, NWRC Strabane Campus
April 18, 2013

A student and I both looked at this book; we felt there is a good and clear insight into multi-agency working and offers some practical as well as more theoretical underpinning approaches.

Mrs Sara Browne
Early Years, KCollege
March 26, 2013

This book is highly relevant to those who work within a multi-professional context.

Different approaches are explored and complexities examined.

Mrs Sharon Towse
Centre for Educational Studies, University of Hull
March 19, 2013

for students on a policy course in child and family studies. Recommended this in helping understanding multi-professional learning.

Excellent book

Dr Doug Martin
The Lifelong Learning Institute, Leeds University
February 13, 2013

Discussess all the complex issues around these relationships. Considers important studies and has a European perspective.
Very useful for identifying leadership and how to work in an effective way

Ms Jill Harrison
Education, University of Greenwich
January 24, 2013

Recommended read for all students as covers necessary aspects of multi-agency working.

Dr Kate D'Arcy
Dept of Applied Social Sciences, Bedfordshire University
December 17, 2012

Essential text which supports students through complex multi-professional relationships. Activities prompt valuable group discussions.

Mrs Michelle Rogers
Centre for Early Childhood, University of Worcester
October 29, 2012

Quite high level and more for those working in multiprofessional settings than just early years - but very informative

Mrs Trish Newstead
early years, Kingston College
October 18, 2012

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