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Working with Distressed Young People

Working with Distressed Young People

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Community and Youth Work

February 2011 | 136 pages | Learning Matters
Anyone working in the caring professions and education who wishes to understand the causes of difficult, disturbing and dangerous behaviour in young people and to find out how to change it, will find this book useful.

It shows how distress and disturbance is created in young people, causing their behaviour to become difficult and problematic not only to adults but also to themselves and to wider society. Using the latest evidence-based theories, the reader will learn how to detect and diagnose problems and work out strategies for helping young people in distress.

Young People in Their Social, Relational and Cultural Context
Growing Up: A Good Enough Childhood
Young People Who are Disturbed, Distressed and Difficult
When Things Go Wrong, How Can We Help?
What's in a Group? Working With Distressed and Disturbed Young People in Groups
Getting Started and Keeping on Going
Summary and Concluding Remarks

This book contains some useful information for students interested in working with distressed young people. The reflective activities provide a platfom for discussion. A good introduection for students

Ms Karen Browne
Institute of Education (Didsbury), Manchester Metropolitan University
May 31, 2012

This is well written and is useful for those students who have a particular interest in the subject or those developing research topics in the area

Mr Peter Crossley
Youth and Community Development, University of Cumbria
January 17, 2012

Some interesting chapters to support our module on interventions with young people

Ms Jane Melvin
Continuing Professional Development, Brighton University
January 16, 2012

lovely and accessible introduction to this area of work, specifically in relation to the concept that all our interactions with young people are important and meaningful, not just those that are defined as 'counselling'.

Ms Helen Young
School of Education (Scarborough), Hull University
January 3, 2012

Although an interesting book, the content is not central to the module I teach but is useful supplementary reading for students wanting to read more widely

Ms Sue Westwood
Youth and Community Division, De Montfort University
December 20, 2011

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