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Working with Offenders

Working with Offenders
Issues, Contexts and Outcomes

Edited by:
  • Tim May - Cardiff University, UK, University of Sheffield, UK, University of Salford, UK
  • Antony A Vass - Private Practice

January 1996 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Working with Offenders examines the current knowledge, skills and values which are needed by those working as probation officers and social workers for effective and competent practice. As well as looking at areas of practice which are of central importance to the altering roles of practitioners, this original textbook provides a critical appraisal of the policies and requirements which guide those roles.

Written in an accessible style by experienced academics and professionals, the book examines: the issues which inform practice - training, skills and competences, antidiscriminatory practice, autonomy and accountability, masculinity and the causes of crime; the contexts in which work with offenders take place - probation committees, boards, pre-sentence reports, community penalties, prison, and the community; and the outcomes of good practice - including partnerships against crime, efficiency, effectiveness and an evaluation of crime prevention and broader methods of intervention.

Tim May and Antony A Vass
The Shifting Sands of Working with Offenders

Mike Nellis
Probation Training
The Links with Social Work

Gwyneth Boswell
The Essential Skills of Probation Work
David Denney
Discrimination and Anti-Discrimination in Probation
Ellis Finkelstein
Values in Context
Quality Assurance, Autonomy and Accountability

Karen Buckley
Masculinity, the Probation Service and the Causes of Offending Behaviour
Simon Holdaway
The Role of Probation Committees in Policing the Development of the Probation Service
David Smith
Pre-Sentence Reports
Antony A Vass
Community Penalties
The Politics of Punishment

Brian Williams
The Transition from Prison to Community
Bob Broad
New Partnerships in Work with Offenders and Crime Prevention Work
Daniel Gilling
Crime Prevention
Peter Raynor
Evaluating Probation
The Rehabilitation of Effectiveness


`As a practitioner I found it helpful and illuminating to find all the key debates and issues, together with some summaries available research and evidence, in one volume' - Youth and Policy

`A recurrent theme is the increasing centralisation of probation policy, increasing managerialism and the implications thereof for professional autonomy and accountability.... In conveying clearly the context of contemporary probation practice, this book will be of particular value to students on courses which themselves, ironically, have fallen victim to centralised initiatives that deny the relevance of social work values and skills to work with offenders' - Community Care

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