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Write It Level It Teach It

Write It Level It Teach It
Save time and boost learning with your own model texts

June 2022 | 144 pages | Corwin UK

Stop spending hours searching for, adapting and improving model texts for use in your classroom teaching.  There is a way to save time and get properly levelled and relevant texts for your teaching – write your own.

In Write It. Level It. Teach It., Matt Beighton shows you how and why writing your own model texts for teaching is so much better.  Based on his experiences as a classroom teacher and having written nearly 1,000 comprehension texts for the Literacy Shed, Matt demonstrates how to do this quickly and effectively. 
* Includes writing templates for busy teachers.  
* Explores why correctly levelled texts matter.
* Boosts learning and engagement.
* Saves time and effort through collecting and re-using texts.

Part 1: Write it: What are model texts and where might you use them?
Chapter 1: Opportunities to create content
Chapter 2: Is teacher-created content that important?
Chapter 3: Linking your content with the end of Key Stage expectations
Chapter 4: The impact of teacher-created content on peer- and self-assessment
Chapter 5: The impact on behaviour and engagement
Chapter 6: What impact can published books have?
Part 2: Level it: What does levelling your content look like?
Chapter 7: What is a reading level assessment?
Chapter 8: How often should you check the level of your text?
Chapter 9: What to do if the level is too high or too low
Chapter 10: How to increase the reading level
Chapter 11: How to lower the reading level
Part 3: Teach it: What can you do to save time and increase the effectiveness of your content?
Chapter 12: The importance of balance and saving time
Chapter 13: Purpose, purpose, purpose
Chapter 14: Linking content to a topic, and why you might want to reconsider
Chapter 15: Recycling is not just for your rubbish
Chapter 16: The Text Vault concept
Chapter 17: Creating your own 'text vault'
Chapter 18: Serialised content and how it can engage reluctant readers and writers
Chapter 19: Create content easily and quickly with narrative replacement
Chapter 20: Narrative replacement for non-fiction and different story types)

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