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Leadership Development & Practice

Leadership Development & Practice

Four Volume Set
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December 2014 | 1 664 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Emerging complexities have arisen regarding leadership, leadership studies and leadership development requiring new approaches and new styles of organizational leadership. Changing environmental conditions including globalisation, climate change, increased market volatility, and shifts in the balance of power in the global political economy suggest the need for more creative, interactive and longer-term strategic leadership. In order to address and react to these shifts in understanding, one must review some essential questions: what constitutes leadership in the organisation, what is it that leaders actually do, or should do, and what can leadership achieve?  Once confronted, the critical question addressed in this work is:  how do we develop leadership to be more responsive to contemporary organizational conditions.

This major work on Leadership Development and Practice will engage this question by drawing together some of the most important and influential research from the related domains of leadership practice and leadership development. Volume 1 opens with a newly-written introduction, which explains the rationale for the major work, addresses the key questions set out above and outlines its structure, providing the reader with a clear, concise roadmap for all four volumes.

Volume 1: Individual Leader Development
Volume 2: Leadership Development in Context
Volume 3: Leadership Development in the Plural
Volume 4: Critical Approaches and Perspectives


Part One: Overview
Advances in Leader and Leadership Development: A Review of 25 Years of Research and Theory David Day et al.
Part Two: Coaching
Coaching Leaders in Middle and Executive Management: Goals, Performance, Buy-in Stephen Boweles et al.
Behind Closed Doors: What Really Happens in Executive Coaching Douglas Hall, Karen Otazo and George Hollenbeck
Part Three: Mentoring
Mentors Providing Challenge and Support: Integrating Concepts from Teacher Mentoring in Education and Organizational Mentoring in Business Rajashi Ghosh
Maximizing Returns on Mentoring: Factors Affecting Subsequent Protégé Performance Scott Tonidandel, Derek Avery and McKensy Phillips
Part Four: EQ
Emotional Intelligence Training: A Case of Caveat Emptor Nicholas Clarke
Emotions in Leadership Development: A Critique of Emotional Intelligence Mary Fambrough and Rama Kaye Hart
Part Five: Capability/Competencies
Developing Leadership Capability: What's Inside the Black Box? Jay Conger
Competencies for Leadership Development: What's Hot and What's Not When Assessing Leadership – Implications for Organization Development William Gentry and Jean Brittain Leslie
Part Six: Authentic
Can You See the Real Me? A Self-based Model of Authentic Leadership and Follower Development William Gardner et al.
Executive Development through Consciousness-Raising Experiences Philip Mirvis
Facilitating Authentic Becoming Matthew Eriksen
Part Seven: Transformational
Effects of Transformational Leadership Training on Attitudinal and Financial Outcomes: A Field Experiment Julian Barling, Tom Weber and Kevin Kelloway
Transformational Leadership Development Programs: Creating Long-Term Sustainable Change Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries and Konstantin Korotov
Part Eight: Personality and Personalization
Developing Leadership Character in Business Programs Mary Crossan et al.
Up Close and Personal: Building Foundations for Leaders' Development through the Personalization of Management Learning Gianpiero Petriglieri, Jack Denfeld Wood and Jennifer Louise Petriglieri
Part Nine: Charisma
Can Charisma Be Taught? Tests of Two Interventions John Antonakis, Marika Fenley and Sue Liechti
Part Ten: Goal-Setting
Go for the Goal(s): Relationship between Goal Setting and Transfer of Training Following Leadership Development Stefanie Johnson et al.
Part Eleven: Self-Directed Leader Development and Identity
Identity, Deep Structure, and the Development of Leadership Skill Robert Lord and Rosalie Hall
The Role of Self-Reflection, Emotional Management of Feedback, and Self-Regulation Processes in Self-Directed Leadership Development Paul Nesbit
Part One: Artistic Approaches
Pop Goes the Program: Using Popular Culture Artifacts to Educate Leaders Jamie Callahan and Manda Rosser
Learning to Lead, Unscripted: Developing Affiliative Leadership through Improvisational Theatre Suzanne Gagnon, Heather Vough and Robert Nickerson
New Ways to Leadership Development: A Picture Paints a Thousand Words Birgit Schyns et al.
Part Two: Measurement
Estimating the Return on Leadership Development Investment Bruce Avolio, James Avey and David Quisenberry
Evaluating Executive Leadership Programs: A Theory of Change Approach Karen Watkins, Igunn Hybertsen Lysø and Kathleen deMarrais
Part Three: Early Career
Becoming a Leader: Early Career Challenges Faced by MBA Graduates Beth Benjamin and Charles O'Reilly
Part Four: Public Sector  
The Design and Evaluation of a Leadership Programme for Experienced Chief Executives from the Public Sector Frank Blackler and Andy Kennedy
Part Five: Crisis
Leadership Development: Crisis, Opportunities and the Leadership Concept Joana Probert and Kim Turnbull-James
Part Six: Gender and Diversity
Taking Gender into Account: Theory and Design for Women's Leadership Development Programs Robin Ely, Herminia Ibarra and Deborah Kolb
Building Diversity in the Pipeline to Corporate Leadership Claire McCarty Kilian, Dawn Hukai and C. Elizabeth McCarty
Part Seven: Experiential Learning
The Live In-Class CEO Intervention: A Capstone Experiential Technique for Leadership Development Nicholas Rashford and João Neiva de Figueiredo
Developing Leaders via Experience: The Role of Developmental Challenge, Learning Orientation, and Feedback Availability D. Scott DeRue and Ned Wellman
Part Eight: Cross-Cultural and Global
Rethinking the Role of Management Development in Preparing Global Business Leaders Kathryn Aten, Luciara Nardon and Richard Steers
Part Nine: Action Learning
Developing Managers as Learners and Researchers: Using Action Learning and Action Research Joeph Raelin and David Coghlan
Leadership Development via Action Learning H. Skipton Leonard and Fred Lang
Part Ten: Service Learning
Developing Responsible Global Leaders through International Service-Learning Programs: The Ulysses Experience Nicola Pless, Thomas Maak and Günter Stahl
Sigler Developing Enlightened Leaders for Industry and Community: Executive Education and Service-Learning Kenneth Rhee and Tracey Honeycutt
Part Eleven: Social Responsibility
The Use of Benevolent Leadership Development to Advance Principles of Responsible Management Education Fahri Karakas, Emine Sarigollu and Alperen Manisaligil
Part Twelve: Online Leadership Development
Developing Leaders in Cyber-Space: The Paradoxical Possibilities of On-Line Learning Donna Ladkin et al.
Blended Learning Working in a Leadership Development Programme Elaine Voci and Kevin Young
Part One: Team Leadership
Developing Team Leadership Capability Frederick Moregeson, Dennis Lindoerfer and David Loring
Team Leadership: Critical Steps to Great Projects Dennis O'Connor and Leodones Yballe
Building Highly Developed Teams: Focusing on Shared Leadership Processes, Efficacy, Trust, and Performance Bruce Avolio et al.
Part Two: Team Coaching
Towards Co-constructed Coaching: Exploring the Integration of Coaching and Co-constructed Autoethnography in Leadership Development Steve Kempster and Marian Iszatt-White
Leadership Group Coaching in Action: The Zen of Creating High Performance Teams Manfred Kets de Vries
Part Three: Network Development
How to Build Social Capital with Leadership Development: Lessons from an Explorative Case Study of a Multibusiness Firm Eva Bilhuber Galli and Günter Muller-Stewens
Networks and Leadership Development: Building Linkages for Capacity Acquisition and Capital Accrual Kathryn Bartol and Xiaomeng Zhang
Part Four: Collaborative Approaches
Does Action Learning Promote Collaborative Leadership? Joseph Raelin
Creating a Collaborative Leadership Network: An Organic View of Change Carol Mullen and Frances Kochan
Using the Facilitative Leader Approach to Create an Organizational Culture of Collaboration Roger Schwarz
Part Five: Relational Approaches
Capturing Sociality in the Movement between Frames: An Illustration from Leadership Development Brigid Carroll and Barbara Simpson
Relationship-based Approach to Leadership: Development of Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Theory of Leadership over 25 Years: Applying a Multi-Level Multi-Domain Perspective George Graen and Mary Uhl-Bien
Social Capital and Leadership Development: Building Stronger Leadership through Enhanced Relational Skills Shelly McCallum and David O'Connell
Part Six: Community Leadership Development
Social Entrepreneurship and Community Leadership: A Service-Learning Model for Management Education Barrie Litzky, Veronica Godshalk and Cynthia Walton-Bongers
Community Leadership Development Philip Kirk and Anna Marie Shutte
Part One: Critique
Critical and Alternative Approaches to Leadership Learning and Development Gareth Edwards et al.
Management Education as if Both Matter Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg
How Can We Train Leaders if We Do Not Know What Leadership Is? Richard Barker
Don’t Bother Putting Leadership into People Joseph Raelin
Part Two: Critical Theory
Psychodynamic and Critical Perspectives on Leadership Development Kiran Trehan
Toward a Critical HRD in Theory and Practice Tara Fenwick
Part Three: Critical Teaching
Teaching Leadership Critically to MBAs: Experiences from Heaven and Hell Amanda Sinclair
Critical Management Education and Action-based Learning: Synergies and Contradictions Michael Reynolds and Russ Vince
Learning through Reflective Classroom Practice: Applications to Educate the Reflective Manager Patricia Raber Hedberg
Part Four: Implicit Leadership Theories
Teaching Implicit Leadership Theories to Develop Leaders and Leadership: How and Why It Can Make a Difference Birgit Schyns et al.
Part Five: Leadership as Practice
Leadership as Practice: Challenging the Competency Paradigm Brigid Carroll, Lester Levy and David Richmond
Threshold Concepts and Modalities for Teaching Leadership Practice Jeffrey Yip and Joseph Raelin
Becoming a Leader: A Co-produced Autoethnographic Exploration of Situated Learning of Leadership Practice Steve Kempster and James Stewart
Part Six: Creativity
Leadership Jazz: An Exercise in Creativity Mark Lengnick-Hall and Cynthia Lengnick-Hall
Experiential Development and Mentoring Processes for Leaders for Innovation Ginamarie Scott Ligon, James Wallace and Holly Osburn
Part Seven: Discourse theory
Leadership Development as Identity Construction Brigid Carroll and Lester Levy
Organizational Discourse and New Organization Development Practices Robert Marshak and David Grant
Part Eight: Reflexivity
Reflexive Management Learning: An Integrative Review and a Conceptual Typology Richard Cotter and John Cullen
Executive MBA Programs: The Development of the Reflective Executive Karina De Dèa Roglio and Gregory Light

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